Reception – Week 6 – All About the Local Area

This week in Reception the topic was “All about the local area”.

The children have been reflecting on what they see on their journey to and from school. They have been noticing traffic lights and signs and different buildings.


After drawing and writing about their weekend news, the children drew things they saw on their journey to school. They were especially excited to talk about the traffic lights they have seen. The class took a survey of how many travelled to school by bus and car and how many walked to school.  

Outside amongst other activities the children played with wooden sticks and block trees making their own mini local area but as usual they had fun having turns on the bicycles pretending to go on a journey.

For phonics the children learnt the sound ‘e’ and guessed words with that sound and they also revised the sound ‘s’ from the week before and they were introduced to 2D shapes.

The children were split into coloured groups and were very excited to sit in their new positions in class.


There was a mini highway set up for the children on the tough spot tray! 

They practiced writing their names and numbers and cut out and glued 2D shapes to make houses, rockets, blocks of flats, traffic lights and even a Roblox logo!

For phonics the children learnt ‘t’ and guessed things that started with it and revised the letter ‘e’

Outside the children used wooden blocks and foam to make different shapes, and threw foam bricks through hoops for hand eye coordination.

They listened to ‘we are going on a bear hunt’ and compared the difference of that journey to their everyday journey to school and what is in their local area.

In honour of the month of Rabbi ul Awwal the children are being taught the seerah of our Prophet Muhammad (saw). They learnt about the Prophet (saw) father and mother.


It was a rainy day today and the children were kept busy doing a lot of arts and crafts.

Ustadha read the three little pigs’ stories and the children made straw houses (strips of paper), stick Houses (wooden sticks) and brick houses (blocks and lego). They guessed which ones were the strongest and for circle time they acted out how the straw and stick houses fell when the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and how strong the brick houses were!

There were kinetic sand and ball moulds on the tough spot tray which the child used their fine motor skills to make balls and other shapes. 

As the children couldn’t go out to play due to the heavy rain they had free flow activities and indoor exercise which they enjoyed very much.

For phonics the children revised all the phase 2 letters and the teachers were very pleased that most of the children were able to copy the letters onto their white boards. 

The children learnt a nasheed about the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and that he is the last Prophet sent to mankind i.e he is Khatam al-Anbiya.


Today the children spent time talking about their families. We talked about how many members were in our families and different family members. They were all keen to talk about when they were babies!

They had fine motor activities where they used rubber bands and pegs to make different shapes and designs and they all wrote number 12 and 13 on their white boards and proudly displayed them to their class friends. 

Outside stencils were set up in the messy area along with paint along with a tunnel for the children to go through. 

They learnt a bit more about the life of our beloved Prophet (saw) and practiced the nasheed again.


The children wrote the Arabic alphabet and decorated a mosque template. They traced different designs on paper to help them with their fine motor skills. The children really do love cutting shapes and making different shapes

After snack the children did P. E. They had fun racing each other and running obstacle course of cones.  

Half Term Break / Homework / Other Matters

For the half term break the Reception team have prepared extra homework for the child so that they can practice and revise all that they have learnt so far.

You can do as much or as little as you want. It is not compulsory that all the homework is completed however I would like to encourage you to try and do some of the work during the week.

Along with the homework (in their yellow books) we have sent home some flashcards and other resources to help you with your child’s learning at home. In the pack there are number lines, sound mats, shape mats, number flash cards and tricky words. There is also a copy of Development Matters for your child’s age range.

Though we usually send home guided reading books on a Monday we have sent them home today so that your child has a book to practice during the holidays.

The classroom management techniques we adopted this week have worked well. The children have been excited about working in groups and are following the rules. The traffic light board has had a positive response too, children are actively aware of the board and are striving to stay on green or even move up to silver and gold. We will continue to use these techniques after half term in sha Allah.

The Theme for Autumn 2 is Animals

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe half term and we look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 3rd November in sha Allah.

The Reception Team