Asalaamu Alaikum Year 5 and Parents!

This week has been an exciting week for Year 5 as it has been Roald Dahl week! The children have been learning about Recounts in English and have taken inspiration from Roald Dahl’s famous autobiography ‘Boy’ to write their own recounts. Post-lockdown, the children have managed to write about their time during the lockdown and what sort of experiences and activities they got up to!

In Maths, the children have been focusing on Number and Place Value. As the children have been away for a while, the children have been refreshing their memories on what they remember from the end of Year 4.

In Science, the children have been learning about living things, specifically plants.

As for Topic, we are learning about Europe (countries, climates, artefacts and mapping etc.)

The theme of the week is Respect, therefore, in PSHE we have been encouraging the children to understand the importance of not only respect for one another but respect for one’s self. Embedding a lot of Islamic principles of good manners and treatment of others was our main focus.

In RE we have been comparing and contrasting different religions such as Sikhism to Islam. We have also been compiling reasons why we would Islam to others and how we can coexist in the world with metal respect and understanding.

As for PE the children have been remaining fit and have had the choice to choose activities as a class as it is only week 2, it has been fun getting the children to run around and play sports of their choice.

In Art, the children have managed to create beautiful posters of different characters from each book of Roald Dahl in spirit of Roald Dahl week. We decided to do a fun theme for the week, though, we will get back to shading and sketching the week ahead.

We look forward to learning more the week ahead! It is safe to say that Year 5 have been settling in very well and will be studying very hard throughout the year!