Sandwich Snacks

In Year 3, we have completing out DT topic related to Sandwich Snacks.

Children have been revising what learnt in Science in Autumn 1 that is that Food can be divided into different food groups and that sandwiches can form part of a healthy diet.

They have looked at pictures of a variety of different breads and sandwiches and talked about flavours and textures widening their use of specific adjectives and learning how to better use their five senses.

They have designed and planned their own sandwich for a particular purpose, staying healthy but also develop independence.

They have been able to create their own healthy sandwich using one carbohydrates of their choice, one fat, one protein and two vegetables or fruit.

Finally, they have evaluated their finished product.

Some of their Evaluating Comments:

The best time in preparing my sandwich: When peeling eggs, When chopping vegetables, When tasting it

What I would improve: I will improve its size, I will make it moist by adding a spread.

Jazakallahu kheirun in your effort in providing ingredients and support their learning. I’m just amazed at their final results! Please encourage them to continue develop independence in sandwich preparation.

I put up all the pictures I could gather so the children will have wonderful memories in the future. If you could not provide a pic or your child was away from the screen please please please send it to me and I will upload it ASAP!