Second Week of the Term :)

Assalamu Alaykum Parents 🙂

Alhumdulillah it’s been another productive week at Little Suffah Nursery. Unfortunately due to the current weather, many of our little ones were unwell and off sick but we pray that Allah (SWT) grants them shif’aa and full recovery Ameen! We look forward to seeing them back at nursery next week inshaAllah 🙂

This week we have started doing Phonics. Every day children practiced sounding the letters and even attempted 3 letter words! (S A T etc).

We have began adding and taking away with visual examples too. For example, Ustadha drew 3 sweets and asked how many will I have if I my mummy gives me another one? Etc.


Arabic continued this week and children have had a fun time learning the Arabic alphabets, (you may have heard them singing Alif is for Arnab, aa aa arnab!). Children in both sessions are benefiting from these Arabic sittings, as Ust Aicha comes in to teach every Tuesday afternoon at 2.30pm and Thursday mornings at 11am.

Circle Time

In circle time this week, we had different topics of discussion in relation to farm animals. We spoke about the difference between Zoo animals and farm animals. We spoke about what each farm animal gives us (some children were surprised to hear that we can get milk from goats too!) and how Allah (SWT) has made it so easy for us to gain these blessings alhumdulillah.

We played a farm animal sounding game, where Ustadha 1 showed children a picture of a farm animal. The children then had to make that animal’s sound and ask Ustadha 2 to guess which animal it is, without telling her the name of the animal. Children loved taking the lead in this game and trick Ustadha at some points too! (hehe)

We even played a game that was designed to practice deductive reasoning; the children were given three clues and had to guess the animal. For example:

This animal chews grass- This animal lives on the farm- This animal gives us Milk ; What animal is it?

This week we introduced the concept of ‘stranger-danger’, as we listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We discussed the word stranger and who would be regarded as a stranger in our lives. We spoke about what we should do if a stranger tries to speak to us and how we should always stay close by to our Mummy and Daddy when we’re outside. So please do keep teaching children ways of being street smart when their out!

In Fridays circle time, we discussed the importance of treating animals with kindness, as well as each other in Islam. Children were told the stories of the man and woman who helped quench a dog’s thirst and gained reward and forgiveness.

Story Time and Rhyme Time

This week’s books were “Squash and a squeeze”, “What the Ladybird heard” and “Goldilocks and the three Bears”.

Islamic Studies

We revised last term’s duas and this week we learnt the eating dua; “Bismillahi wa ala baraka tillah”

We are also trying to memorise Surah Fatihah by reciting it together at the start and end of the day.


Splatt Theatre!

On Monday we walked over to the new hall in the school, to watch a performance from the story of “Pinocchio”, by a theatre company.

The concept of loving and respecting your family, as well as importance of education was promoted in this 30 minute show.

Children laughed and laughed and engaged fully when the performers asked questions. They absolutely loved the performance.

Thank you to all the parents for accommodating the changes and working with us on that day!

Children enjoyed farm theme set up.


On Tuesday, children did log painting! We had cut outs of small logs and children painted them in their own ways.


On Wednesday we carried out an activity where children had to match a farm animal mother to her baby!

This was a very good activity for children to learn about the different terms used to identify animals.

We also had a pretend mini zoo set up outdoors, for children to visualise a zoo and role-play at the same time.


Three bears overnight Porridge!

On Thursday we made Porridge! Children emptied out sachets of (instant) porridge in Daddy bears bowl and we all discussed what it smelt like and made very interesting observations. We then took turns to pour in the milk and mixed it all together. Ustadha then poured everyone their share of the porridge to take home.

Children were given instructions to leave it to set in the fridge for a few hours and then to sprinkle on some blueberries or strawberries and eat it!

(P.s- Soak some oats, according to quantity required, in half a cup of milk and leave it overnight in the fridge to set. Add your chosen condiments, blueberries, almonds or strawberries etc the next morning and let your little one enjoy it for breakfast).

Faithful Friday

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Train tracks around the farm

On Friday, we spoke about how important it is to be kind to Allah’s creation, whether they’re human or animals. Children were told stories of the Prophets and their acts of kindness towards everyone and how we are supposed to lead by their example.

May Allah grant us all the ability to follow in the footsteps of our Prophets Ameen.

We ended the session with a ball game in the big playground.

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Please Note

Important dates to remember:

Parent-Teacher Meetings – 11th – 14th November

International Day – 14th November

BRAZIL was the country that was picked out of the Hat for Nursery! Please refer to the letter sent for more information.

To make this day even more exciting, we would like to invite a nursery parent to join us on the day for the snack buffet. This will be a good opportunity for the children to proudly show off their nursery and their work. At the same time, for parents to meet each other if they have not yet already.

Unfortunately, due to limited space in the classroom, we can only accommodate one member of the family per child (of course younger siblings can come). We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

Parents from the morning session, if you could please come at 10.45am and stay till pick up time at 11.30am (anyone who wishes to leave earlier can do so).

Parents from the afternoon session AND Full day, can come in at 2.30pm till 3.15pm or leave as they please.

If you wish to, you can bring the food dish with you on arrival. Alternatively if its easier, you can send it in at drop off time too. If you have any questions, please speak to one of the nursery staff members, or feel free to contact me via email on

JazakAllahu Khayrun.

The Nursery Team.