Setting Descriptions Using the Five Senses

Once in a Lifetime

(Work not edited)

Zaynab: The old man could see the white, fluffy, cotton candy clouds. The white, fluffy clouds were as soft as my pillow in my bedroom and would taste like massive, mouthwatering, marshmallows. He could touch the turtle’s smooth giant, green shell.
The powerful, circular shaped airship glided through the dark, dull sky above the clouds like a hot knife through butter.

Najam: It was a cloudy evening and the clouds were like candy due to the setting of the sun. He could smell moist from the sea and could hear the hoot of seagulls from faraway. The whirly wind was as strong as an elephant. The wind was shoving and pushing to sail in the damp air.

Zoha: The sun was setting slowly. The gigantic boat was flying in the pink, peachy, puffy sky. The colourful pink clouds were floating in the sky. Unique turtles were hissing heavily. All of a sudden you can taste the fresh breeze in your mouth. The colourful clouds smell like cotton candy.

Hamzah: The old man could see gigantic, floating, flying turtles. He could smell the cold breeze of the wind and also could smell turtles. He could touch the shell of the turtles and the pick cotton candy clouds. He could hear the wind whooshing through the air. He could hear the engine of his flying boat. He could taste the delicious taste of the cotton candy clouds.

Sumaya: The sky was pink and purple besides the old man’s ship. The old man felt the taste of pink candy floss clouds as he passed through them. The scent of sweet candy floss scented the air around the ship. The wooden ship was as big as a beluga whale in the ocean. The sound of the swaying caught the old man’s ears. Mammoth sized turtles flew right towards him. The group of turtles gracefully glided through the air.

Khalil: The man is sad it looks like he is out of luck. Interestingly the man is staring into the distance. Both
of his hands are on the edge of the balcony. The man looks into the distance with a grey shirt laying
on his shoulders. His golden goggles resting on his head. The old looking telescope is laying beside
him. Pale white clouds are swirling around him peacefully.

Ismaa’eel: The old man stood reluctantly and stared into the distance. He could see clouds full of white spark glistening and gleaming glamours. In the far sunset sky, the old man could hear peregrine falcons soaring through the sky like a massive metal machete. He could taste the freezing water droplets of the moist atmosphere. All of a sudden the huge pink clouds came next him without hesitation he reached out to touch them

Jazakallahu kheirun