Settling to our School Routine

Alhamdulillah we have been settling down nicely this week and we have been very busy doing so many activities.


We discussed what we have been up to during the weekend. We also talked about parts of our body, how many fingers and toes we have, We had fun at the art corner, colouring, cutting and pasting the templates of the body parts. We also tried our very best to write our names and writing numbers. Play time was so much fun as we had some new activities. Some of us drew pictures of our families and our gardens and played dress up too. Of course the construction area and sand pit was very busy as we all wanted to have a go!


On Tuesday we traced our hand on paper and wrote numbers on each of the fingers. We also decorated our names with lentils and sequins. We wrote numbers 1 to 10 or at least tried to copy Ustadha. Some of us still need a lot of practice. We also practiced the sounds we learned last week.

Outside we have been doing a lot of role play and enjoyed playing in the water station and mud kitchen, We even made biriyani for Ustadha and she enjoyed it very much.


We tried to write more numbers on our white boards and during free play we tried making coloured patterns and building tall towers, we even had a mini competion to see who could make the tallest one! We have been doing lots of counting even our body parts! We also tried to label the body parts. Outside we had lots of fun playing with rice and painting.


We had so much fun talking about the story Funny bones. Ustadha talked about the different kinds of bones we have in our body and Alhamdulillah we have to thank Allah for the amazing way He has created us.


Today we learnt about the Arabic letter ‘Ba’. We practiced wring our names and the best bit was we got to do PE. We had lots of fun with the Parachute!

At carpet time we discussed what we had done during the weekend and drew pictures of our lovely time. We talked about the parts of our body and cut and coloured the templates. We counted how many fingers we have.


Please send a snack with your children everyday including Friday, as some children did not have a snack on this Friday.

Library books will be changed every Wednesday and reading books will be changed every Thursday.

Also please ensure parents cut children’s grapes in half if provided as this is a choking hazard