Some Information…

As salaam alaykum year 2 parents 

Hope you are all in the best of health and iman. 

Alhamdulilah the SATs are coming to an end.  We can all take a sigh of relief! 

The children have been working very hard and trying their best, I couldn’t be happier with their efforts. May Allah make them successful! 

Just a quick mention that some of the children haven’t been reading with me or Ustadha Sara as often these past couple of weeks. This is because there has been a considerable shortage of time due to SATs preparation and the need to fit in as much revision as possible. I understand some parents are concerned that their children haven’t read with me or Ustadha Sara, but rest assured that we are doing a lot of guided class reading and that, In sha Allah, we will be back to our usual schedule after half-term. 

I have noticed that some children are not bringing in their homework books on time. Homework is given out on Thursdays, as I’m not in on Fridays and is due on Monday. I prefer to mark the homework on Monday and prepare the next homework as soon as possible, so children who give their homework books late can cause some disruption.  Children who are absent on Thursday or do not give in their homework will miss out on new homework and spelling,which is tested every Thursday. 

As the children have been working extremely hard this term for SATs, I have cut down the homework these past couple of weeks in order to give them a break. 

All the children have demonstrated clear signs of a growth mindset and have been trying their best and this is all I could ask for. They have all made me extremely proud. 

Jazak Allah khairan to all of you for your patience with SATs prep, the overload of past papers and much more! 

Jazak Allah khayran

Ust Ayesha