Splatt Theatre and Beegu!

Asalaam Alaykum parents I pray you are all well and I’m sure feeling that autumn weather getting closer!
This week mashAllah has been a most enjoyable week. We were lucky enough to have splatt theatre come in on Thursday to do a dramatic reading, all the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

In English we have completed reading Beegu. Children have done lots of impressive work on Beegu from writing poems, letters and learning about the importance of being kind and including people. In one of the lessons we created a class poem, children thought of specific words and phrases related to how Beegu feels throughout the story. The children first created group poems and presented it to the class then moving onto combining each groups poem into one, mashAllah I was very impressed. Next week InshaAllah we will move onto looking at non-fiction texts and how to use information books.

In maths we have been learning to double bigger numbers aswell as looking at our bonds to 6,7 and 8. On Thursday we moved onto adding 10 to a number then adding 11. Alhamdulilah children grasped this quickly as they understood they are only adding 1 more to 10. InshaAllah next week we will move onto shapes! Moving on I would like you to please practise 2, 5 and 10 time table with your children.

As you know we have been learning about the life of Christopher Columbus, it was interesting to hear children’s opinions if they thought Christopher Columbus was a good man or made some bad choices…
We will also be looking at Neil Armstrong and Ibn Battuta.

Soon you will all be notified of the year 2 parent workshop. Unfortunately we can’t do this in person therefore the presentation and recordings will be sent to you. You’ll be able to gain an insight into how we teach maths and English aswell as some information on SATs.

I have a polite request for parents. During home time as you are aware it can be a bit manic especially if the weather isn’t great. I politely ask if all parents stand in a line behind the year 2 cone and wait for me to call your child. If you are waving for your child to come this could cause issues as I may not see your child go with you.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran
Ust Ayesha