Spring 1, week 1 – Online lessons

Salaam, Year 5!

A big well done to Year 5 for working very hard in the online lessons! It is huge transition but alhumdulilah we are handling things very well!

Equipment: I urge you all to buy your children every bit of equipment for school as we cannot share. In Maths, a protractor and are compass is needed, so please ensure that your children are bringing in their protractors to school, along with purple pens (for marking), glue sticks and all other items (pens, pencils, rubbers etc.)


Can we make sure we are encouraging our children to strive hard in their homework.

I have set only Maths and English for this week. I thoroughly do emphasize that you MUST be ensuring that your children are reading in front of you EVERYDAY for 10-15 mins and practicing weekly spellings. I have given out Yellow Reading Record books which it is your child’s responsibility to write in. The children have been given books to read that they have chosen from the library (I have logged into the system on which books have been taken). We will aim to change these books every two weeks but they do not need to be finished. I have also given out band books (appropriate to reading age) and your other YELLOW reading record. The band books will be changed, weekly.

I often send back feedback on homework, so please ensure your children are collecting their marked homework and putting it in their bags.

It is the children’s responsibility to complete their homework, and yours to encourage them.

Those who do not complete homework will have to complete this in school, in their break or lunch break detention.

I have set online work and homework due to Covid-19. Your child can find their work on Google Classroom and the instructions will be there but first, your child must accept the invite in order to access it via gmail. If you have difficulties, please email me. The workload is a lot this week but do the best you can, it is due on Monday with leeway to Tuesday.

Please do make sure your child is taking pictures of their work done in class so that I can give feedback (same goes for homework).

The homework that has been set are as follows:

English (x2 Spag Worksheet – first page and Re-writing a modern scene in Macbeth)

Maths (Week 1 – 6 digit numbers)

Spellings: 1 Sheet: Year 5/6 2a Term Spellings.

QAIS: This will be given by their teacher!

Learning this week:

English: The core text for this week and next week is called ‘Macbeth’ by Shakespeare. The children have been learning how to write and read play scripts whilst understanding the language and context of the Shakespearian era.

In guided reading, we have been reading the book, ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka.

Maths: The children have been learning how to read, write, place on the number line, add and subtract place value and 6-digit numbers.

History: We are learning about the Shang Dynasty this term. The children made power points in groups and were completely immersed in the lesson.

Computing: The students have been learning about online safety and ways they can educate others on how to use it.

RE: Our focus for this week was Sikh stories and if they have a significance to a contemporary society.

PE: Although what was supposed to take place happen to be Gymnastics, we decided to try a Joe Wicks session for PE. The children had lots of fun but were extremely exhausted by the end it!

Art: The children have learning about Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan in History and have let to learn more in Geography. As a cross curricular link, the children sketched their chosen landscape of either Tokyo or Shanghai along with their very own anime character.

Here is a timetable for online lessons. Remember to not talk this overly literal as there may be some minor changes but here is a good guideline for know which and when subjects are taught.

Thank you to those who have been attending, you all have been working very hard. You have so far earned 2 marbles already! I love how you all are working above what is expected of you, and you are making valuable contributions and active steps in learning. Please do let me know if you have difficulties. 
I have given you your homework (MATHS, ENGLISH AND SPAG). I will try my best to make homework more interactive. You may type it up and send it to me. 
It is important that you submit homework via Google classroom. I will make sure all homework is type instead of written, but you must write more for classwork. 
I trust that you all are writing a lot, but please do, send pictures of work to the correct topic folders on Google classroom so that I can give feedback on work. 

I will be marking homework from half term, and send back feedback by Saturday night. 


Ustadha Aa’ishah