Spring 1 Week 1 Update

Assalamu alaikum Dear Parents and Pupils,

Year 4 Spring Term Overview for Parents | Clover Hill Primary School

We have just started the Spring term and teaching has been moved online.

Children have settled well, have been working at a good standard, have understood the online learning rules as well as their teachers’ expectations.

I just want to remind you that all the teaching materials are daily uploaded in Google Classroom and Year 3 Drive which is accessible from the Google Apps in their Google school accounts. Also, recordings of the different lessons will be uploaded in Drive so children can access them if they have missed a lesson. All the learning is done in class during school hours and children need to present their work neatly into their books which need to be kept neat and tidy as represent their ‘portfolio’ for this term. If you could not collect your pack last Tuesday, make sure to call the Office. The pack contains a whiteboard, a whiteboard pen, a purple pen for self-marking, one lined book, one squared book, some printed resources.

This week we have been exploring the layers of the Earth and gone on an imaginary tour towards the centre of the Earth. In Maths, we have been revising counting up, doubling and made a mathematical investigation about pairs of two digit numbers whose difference is 10.


In English, we have started a new book called Ice Palace the children love already and have worked on prediction, and on figurative language by using similes and metaphors.

In Art, children have deepened their knowledge about their sketching techniques by reproducing an ancient Roman vase.

In RE, we have started learning about miracles and parables in the Bible. In PSHE, we have learnt about the effects that poor and good choices have on our health.

Every Thursday, homework will be posted in Google Classroom, to be completed by the following Tuesday please.

Pictures of HW and of class activities have to be sent to teachers please via email. Please train your children to take pictures and send them.

Here you can find the half-termly overview/curriculum map and our daily schedule.

Jazakallahu kheirun