Summer 2…this term in Reception…

Asalamualaykum Reception parents,

The last term has begun! SubhanAllah! The year has gone so fast.

This term the theme is Growing, specifically Growing Up. We will be focusing on preparing the children (and parents!) for year 1. Here is a brief summary of what we will be covering this half term.

Week 1:
Early Years Eid Picnic

Week 2:
What happens as we grow and what stages do humans go through? (Baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, older person).
Maths: Revising counting in 1s to 100, 10s to 100 (and 10s values in 10s numbers); writing numbers to 20; writing number sentences independently with + – =

Week 3:
Life Cycle of a butterfly
Maths: Mental addition and subtraction (counting on/back when adding or subtracting numbers to 20)

Week 4:
Story: The Cautious Caterpillar
Maths: Comparing weights, capacities and lengths

Week 5:
People Who Help Us
Maths: Partitioning quantities of objects up to 20

Week 6:
Monday 8th July – INSET (school closed to children)
Tuesday 9th July – Early Years Sports Day am (children to arrive to school as normal and go home at 11.00am)
Wednesday 10th July – Move Up Day
Thursday & Friday – school as normal
Book: The Big Bag of Worries
Maths: Partitioning; counting on and back successfully

Week 7:
Literacy: Writing graduation invitations for parents and carers
Friday 19th July – Early Years end of year assembly and Reception Graduation (9am – 11.30am). Children to arrive to school as normal and leave at 11.30am after the assembly

Week 8:
Literacy: My Wish for Year 1/writing letters for year 1 teachers

You will also receive your child’s end of year report in July.

In’sha’Allah we pray this term is a success.