Welcome back to Year 3 Online Learning!

This week we are starting our NEW half term of learning. All of our lessons will be live online and resources will be sent by email in the morning to the pupils prior to the lessons as well as uploaded in Google Classroom! Please regularly check your child’s email with them so to inculcate in them this good habit. Those who love to print out their worksheets , could have them handy before the start of the lessons.

We have tried to make the lessons schedule more dynamic.

Children will have a variety of Subjects and differentiated work.

PE Works-outs and Movement Breaks will be encouraged throughout the lessons.

Please encourage your child to reestablish a good sleep routine, wake up promptly, have a nutritious breakfast and get pens, pencils, books, water bottle ready! Also please remind them that they can email us if they need extra support.

Children will work at their own pace however daily written work is recommended to embed their learning. Children should try to do most of their writing work during the online lessons and just finish it up afterwards so to be ready to send it back to their teachers. They should be ready to finish it up and send it back by 1pm. However, as many children share their device, we will give them time until 8pm.

Late work, will not be marked but it must still be sent.

Regular attendance is necessary.

Here you can download the Summer 2 Overview.

Lessons Schedule and Homework Schedule can be downloaded here:

We will never thank you enough for your support!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further explanations.

Jazakallahu kheirun

Ustadah Amatullah and Ustadah Hafsa