We are now entering the final term of Y6 but we are definitely not winding down!

So here is brief summary of what we have planned over the next few weeks Insha’Allah:

English: Our text this term will be The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. Y6 will be studying Macbeth and completing activities related to the play. Children will be doing lots of writing to demonstrate all the skills they have been learning in Y6 whilst writing in different genres including:

  • Explanation text
  • Science fiction story
  • Horror story
  • Newspaper article
  • Character description
  • Balanced Argument
  • Description of the witches scene in Macbeth

Maths: Y6 will be carrying out maths investigations which will help develop their problem solving and reasoning skills. These will include investigations related to books and their nature journals, for example children will use trundle wheels and clinometers to find the height of trees that they have been studying

Science: Children will be completing their unit on electricity and then looking at Darwin, adaptation and evolution and light.

Topics: We will be looking at a few topics this term:

  • Stone Age
  • Suffragettes
  • World War 1
  • Mapping skills
  • Argentina

PE: Tennis and athletics, including relay races, javelin, and shot put. They will be preparing for Sport’s Day by becoming familiar with the activities and also seeing if they can beat their personal best and work together as a team.

Art and DT: Children will be completing their soap sculptures and Aboriginal Art paintings. They will also look at painters such as Klee and Romero Britto and create art inspired by these artists. In DT, children will attempt some woodwork and research, design and cook their own burgers

RE: Children will look at the question: What happens after we die? They will study other religions and how they deal with death, death rites and the after life including Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism. They will compare these beliefs with Islamic concept of life after death.

PSHE: In PSHE this term we will be looking at preparing children for secondary school and beyond. We will be reflecting upon and learning about:

  • Friendship- making friends and healthy relationships
  • Bullying
  • Hygiene and keeping healthy
  • Puberty, including the Islamic perspective and obligations
  • Relationship with the opposite sex

Some lessons will take place as a class, whilst for others girls and boys will be separate. Ustadh Mahmoud will also be delivering some lessons to the boys.

Other activities to look forward to include: the residential, trip to The Royal Courts of Justice and Gunnersbury Park Museum, Sports Day, AI presentations, final assembly and much more Insha’Allah!

May Allah make this a successful and memorable final term and give everyone energy to fulfil all their responsibilities. Ameen.