The Detective Dog… This Week in Reception



This week’s story was The Detective Dog. The children found the story very funny as the dog solved the mystery of the missing school books! The children wrote their own simple animal detective profiles in Literacy and their segmenting skills are improving MashaAllah. From next week, we will be choosing Star Writers for children making good continuous progress.



In Phonics, the children have learned to read and write decodable words with the following sounds: sh ch th ng

Please continue to practice reading and writing these tricky words too: to the go no we be me she he me my


In Maths, the children have been learning to understand the concept of height, comparing heights of objects and each other. They learned to use some new vocabulary: tall, short, taller, short, tallest, shortest. 

Islamic studies:

With Ustaadha Aicha, the class are revising surah Naas and are learning these new words in Arabic:

In class, the children have been learning about more words they can say when doing tasbeeh after Salah: Alhumdulillah for thanking Allah and Astaghfirullah for when we want to say sorry to Allah and for Him to forgive us.


In P.E., the children have been developing their control over bouncing a ball while walking – they realised it’s trickier than it looks! In’sha’Allah next time (14th December) they will practice throwing the ball into the basketball hoop/nets too.


In Art, the children were finger painting, making paw prints/animal tracks with black and brown paint.

On Wednesday afternoon, some of the children asked if they could make paper aeroplanes while the majority made paper boats. So, we went outside to do a class experiment. The children who made paper boats tried to make their boats float on water but saw that the paper mushed up! Oh no! So we asked them why they thought that happened and they thought really hard. They concluded that the paper wasn’t strong enough and so we needed to use something else to make the boats with. Zainab V suggested we should use cardboard to make boats when I asked which material would be stronger than paper. That was a really good idea we all said! We told the children that if they would like to make stronger boats next week, then to bring in their empty cereal boxes so we can see if the boats we make are stronger – part 2 of our class experiment! This way, children are learning about the science of materials through play as well! MashaAllah!

Weekly Reminders:

Mondays – homework due
Fridays – Book change (don’t forget to send children in with their reading books and reading records!)
Fridays – P.E. (children to come in full school P.E kit.
Fridays – school assemblies, Reception to be dismissed from school hall upstairs at 11.25am

Next Week:

Book: Monkey Puzzle
Maths: Number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Phonics: ai, ee, igh, oa
Prophets Story: Sulaiman AS and the ants

Dates to note:

There will be no P.E. on Friday 7th December as the school will be taking part in the White Ribbon Campaign and wearing white clothes (no school uniform) for charity. Children will still be dismissed from the school hall.

Wednesday 19th December 2018 – last day of term, school finishes at 11.25am
Wednesday 19th December 2018 – end of term party with face painting! (If you do not  want your child to have face painting done then please let me know).