Asalaamualyakum parents!

We have had another fantastic week with Reception full of so much active learning and fun, Alhumdulillah! This week we have been learning about the story of The Enormous Turnip.

Lets go through the week…

On Monday the children drew and wrote about their weekend, some children have started to write sentences and use tricky words to form words and sentences Ma Sha Allah.

The children visited Little Suffah Gym in the outdoor playground, we did a lot of physical exercise and warmed up our bodies on the exercising machine.

We also explored ice from the icy cold weather were we all hunted for diamonds!

On Tuesday we got busy with vegetables! We used our measuring scale to measure the vegetables and learnt about the difference between heavy and light. We also learnt about the difference between big, small, large, enormous and tiny measurements using the vegetables in which, the children placed small and big vegetables on the correct label. During our carpet time each child took a turn at using the scale and measuring their vegetables and told us weather the vegetables they picked were heavy, light or the same.

The Enormous Turnip and vegetables play in our Tuff Tray
For milk time we lined up to buy some milk from the market for 1p!

On Wednesday we did some vegetable painting! We used different colors and stamped all the amazing shapes of the vegetables onto paper. The children also wrote their understanding of the story of The Enormous Turnip by drawing pictures and writing words to describe what they remember happened.

We had some outdoor fun with junk boxes and the children created their own creations and some even worked with their friends to make a boat! Finally we went to the library and took a book out to read at home- please do read these books and bring them back next

we went to the indoor super market!
we all prayed together during Dhur Salah!

During our carpet time we spoke about the importance of taking care of our teeth and spoke about our teeth falling out as we are growing up, some of our Reception children shared their experiences of what happened to them when their tooth fell out and one our children brought in and showed the class their tooth.

On Thursday the children wrote a shopping list for our cooking activity which involved making turnip soup! Each child cut the vegetables for the soup and we then blended all the vegetables up to make our yummy soup!

If you would like to make your own turnip soup at home , please follow our recipe;

1 pack carrots

half pack of potatoes

1 pack of turnips

2 red onions

On Friday the children learnt about the saying of Prophet Muhammad (SWT) which we call Hadith. We learnt the importance of living in the way of our beloved Prophet and learning from his beautiful Hadith’s.

For P.E this week we had some running excises and warm ups, we then had a game of ‘tug of war’ this encouraged the children to used their body movements to pull the rope and work together with their team members.

Snack time reminder: please do bring healthy food items that does not include NUTS as Suffah Primary and Early Years is a Nut Free school.

Well done Reception for another hard working, creative and full pack week of independent learning, please do continue to read at home and practice your phonics sounds and counting, the children have continued to learn how to count in 2s so please do practice this over the weekend! In sha Allah we will see you next week, we hope you have a good weekend!

JazakAllah Khair, Reception Team!