This week Reception have been learning about the story of the Gruffalo. 

We have done many activities throughout the week with the children that will enhance the children’s abilities to learn, especially in our literacy areas. The children have worked extremely hard on phonics and we have started to encourage the children to read by using our sounds that we have learnt during our phonics lessons.

Let’s go through the week:

On Monday the children created their own snakes as part of the story of the Gruffalo. Each child designed their snake with different patterns and use of various colours, the children then cut their swirly snakes and hung them on our Gruffalo wall.

The children used their imagination to tell the story of the Gruffalo on our Tuff Tray, using images.

We turned our cosy corner into the Gruffalo’s cave.

In the afternoon SPLATT THEATRE joined us for a story telling session. The children listened and watched the story of ‘Pinocchio’. As part of the workshop the children later made their own puppets, they had the choice of different facial features, clothing, hair and much more. The children then tied a piece of ribbon on the top of their puppets – these puppets can be used as bag chains or key chains for your child.

On Tuesday we had another busy day with the Gruffalo. The children sequenced the story of the Gruffalo, and practiced writing numbers 1-8 according to the story. 

The children used brown play-dough to make the animals from the story such as the snake and fox, and the Gruffalo’s facial features.

In the afternoon the children did a cooking activity where we made the Gruffalo’s ‘logpile house’ using vegetables. If you would like to make your own logpile house follow our receipe;

One slice of a cucumber – created into shapes as the Gruffalo’s house roof 

1-2 celery sticks, cut in half for the logs 

2 tablespoons of Houmous – to keep the house together and to add a taste!

On Wednesday Reception worked hard to label all of the Gruffalo’s body parts and practiced their writing skills by matching the right body parts to the labels and writing it down. This helped the children to understand different body parts and their own, such as their knees and teeth.

In the afternoon we opened our classroom library and the children have taken books home – please ensure you read these books with your child and return them next Wednesday, JazakAllah Khair. 

On Thursday the children did some yoga before playing, we exercised our minds and muscles. 

We did some junk modelling and the children got very creative.

These children made a house

In the afternoon the children modeled their own Gruffalo by adding the body, hands, feet, eyes, teeth, nose and purple prickles to their Gruffalo, we have many different designs of the Gruffalo’s that are now displayed on our art wall.

As it is the first Sirah week of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), on Friday the children learnt about the Prophet’s family tree. We spoke about his mother Amina, his father Abudullah, his uncle Abu Talib and we spoke about his wives Khadijah (RA) and Aisha (RA). The children designed the Prophet’s family tree and cut leaves which they stuck on their tree and labelled the names of the Prophet’s family members.

For P.E we did some exercises. the children did some hopPing like rabbits, and we also hopped on one leg as a flamingo and practised balancing.

The week Reception has revised the letters  Alif, Baa, Taa, Thaa and Jeem, Haa, Khaa, Daal, Thaal with Ustadah Aicha and have also learnt Raa and Zaay. Ustadah Aicha has set Reception some Homework for this week, which is to complete the colouring in sheet – please can all parents ensure the children do this and bring it back to school on Wednesday.

Alhumdulillah we have had another hard working week from Reception, next week we will be looking at the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and again have many activities lined up. In Sha Allah we hope to see all of you next week and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

JazakAllah Khair from Ustadah Naveeda, Ustadah Kausar and Ustadah Fawziya.