The Writing Revolution!

Before school ended in March, I had taken the opportunity to implement and trial a writing programme which has been quite successful in America and which I had been studying and researching. The Writing Revolution looks in particular at non-fiction and essay writing. Research shows that writing instruction in primary schools mainly focuses on poetry and fiction writing and the authors’ theory is that non-fiction writing skills (in particular cohesive and coherent essay writing) are not perfected or honed as much. Thus, many children struggle to write essays in secondary school, where direct instruction also varies from very supportive to almost non-existent, and in many instances, it is only when children are finally confronted with the reality of having to write essays in university are they able to learn the skill. However, this holds many children back. The Writing Revolution method encourages perfecting non-fiction sentences that will eventually become paragraphs and essays in secondary school.

Not only does this allow children to express themselves coherently, logically and articulately; it also helps them to develop well-reasoned arguments and if those sentences are written about books or topics they are studying, the teacher can assess children’s understanding of the topic.

We have continued to practice our sentences when we have moved to online teaching and as this is the first year that I am trialling this method, I am very excited to see the wonderful progress the children are making.

The children were given a sentence stem and then three different conjunctions: and, so and but and asked to complete the sentence. I know it is a lot of reading, but please do look (or at least skim through!) some of the work below. (This post was getting ridiculously long so I have added more attempts in two new posts)

Slavery was abolished…


Slavery was abolished because Abraham Lincon and other people like Martin Luther King Jr and other fought for the rights of black people.

Slavery was abolished so black people found their rights being accepted and lived like normal people.

Slavery was abolished but some people still stayed with their owners as they had money or family to stay with.


  1. Slavery was abolished because slavery wasnt fair as people didnt have a choice to be slaves or not and plus just because their black doesnt mean to give them a lower status in society
  2. Slavery was abolished so we should learn to treat people equal not matter of skin colour, looks or anything.
  3. Slavery was abolished but some people did like being slaves as they had good owners but obviously some had very nasty owners that is why slavery was abolished.


Slavery was abolished because people understood how painful it was to keep black people as slaves, it also stopped because most of the MPs started to protest for the black people. 

Slavery was abolished so all the slaves were set free but now they did not have anywhere to live as most of them had come from Africa so they could go back home, so some people were left homeless or jobless. 

Slavery was abolished but there are some slaves all over the world, there are more than 8 million slaves in India


1.Slavery was abolished because people thought it was unfair to treat black people like this.

2.Slavery was abolished so people treated black people exactly like they treated white people.

3.Slavery was abolished but some people still thought  black people should be treated in a bad and disrespectful manner.


Slavery was abolished because forcing someone to work without getting hurt is wrong and that is why so many people tried to stop slavery once and for all.

Slavery was abolished so everyone could receive their human rights to be freed from forced labour and so that everyone could live together without discrimination.

Slavery was abolished but in many places around the world, people still force others into unpaid labour, despite the rules not to.


Slavery was abolished because it was unfair on black people as they had to work very hard and they weren’t treat right for example they were given expired food or were not fed at all.

Slavery was abolished so black people were free and weren’t treat in the wrong manner and also were not segregated.

Slavery was abolished but some people thought this rule didn’t apply to them and they still kept on treating black people bad.


Slavery was abolished because, alot of people fault against it .

Slavery was abolished so lots of black people were looking for homes and jobs.

Slavery was abolished but in some countries there are slaves working for their owners


  1. Slavery was abolished because, people finally realized discusting and bad slavery really was.
  1. Slavery was abolished so, people could have freerights and have freewill and be what ever they like no matter what colour or race
  2. Savery was abolished but, there is still slavery in the world and people are still treated unfairly but it isnt as cruel anymore.


Slavery was abolished because some people like Abraham Lincoln knew that all people are equal and so should be treated that way.

Slavery was abolished so black people did not have to carry on working for no money but this also meant that a lot of people were left jobless and homeless.

Slavery was abolished but white people still thought themselves superior to black and this eventually led to people like MLK to start campaigning for black people’s right.


Slavery was abolished because there was injustice in the world  which meant nobody cared about slaves. 

Slavery was abolished so people who were rich with big houses could have slaves.

Slavery was abolished but still people believe that they should be like that ass they had a choice to work but did not so they had no empathy for them 


Slavery was abolished because slaves was not treated fairly they don’t get that much money.

Slavery was abolished so they can have good life not a harmful one

Slavery was abolished but some people want to maid and different than slavery.


Slavery was abolished because people finally realised  how badly they treated black people and they understood why campaigns out there fought for the black people rights  

Slavery was abolished so  people let go of the slaves yet they were still shacked on the hands and feet , they still weren’t treated as fairly as white people 

Slavery was abolished but in some countries black people are still slaves and like animals they are being treated and no one tries to stop it 


Slavery was abolished because the slaves were treated horribly when they were undeserving and it costs many slaves there lives during work.

Slavery was abolished so people could be treated equally with respect and hosptality and  and could have an oppurtunity to succeed in life.

Slavery was abolished but people still believe they should have slaves and some people still do. 


Slavery was abolished because people realised what a disgusting thing it is to treat any person, black or white, like this; people finally realised how big the problem was as many peoplre wrote of their experiences in slavery.

Slavery was abolished so many people were freed from captivation and were allowed to roam freely; this helped thousands of people’s lives and this is what makes the world today.

Slavery was abolished but many people in the world today still have the views of people in those days and try to belittle black people, even though we are all equal and should all get the same rights, responsibilities and respect


Slavery was abolished because many people including white as well started a protest called abolition and the word started to spread then the rulers had no choice but to end slavery in 1830

Slavery was abolished so many people (who were mostly white) were furious and were raging .Many people were mad that they had to do more work than usual and that they were losing money because of this.Some people starting getting mad at the president and started to vandalize black people’s properties 

Slavery was abolished but many people are still continuing this disgusting, atrocious act.It is said that one out 200 people are slaves and that it is estimated 21-46million people are slaves.The country with the most recorded amount of slaves is India with 8 million people slaves.


Slavery was abolished because many black Americans protested to be treated badly and not getting there freedom just because they are black.

Slavery was abolished so black people were finally freed and didnt have to do work without getting paid .

Slavery was abolished but  black people didnt get all rights so many made campaigns (Malcom X and MLK) for black people to get all rights and nowadays some people (racists) think The Slave Trade should carry on .


Slavery was abolished because it was abhorred and was a sinful deed; it was extremely unfair to the slaves,  was horrifying and was awfully racist.

Slavery was abolished so the rich (and those who’d previously owned slaves) had to start doing their jobs themselves instead; the slaves were set free and were overjoyed- however, they had no jobs to turn to and so many were left homeless and jobless.

Slavery was abolished but many countries and states ignore this new rule and continued the hard treatment to the coloured folks; the slaves are helpless and sail away without any one else knowing or willing to help them.


Slavery was abolished because it was very cruel for people and everyone was campaigning to get rid of it, like Martin Luther King.

Slavery was abolished so everyone can be treated the same.

Slavery was abolished but people didn’t listen and carried on


Slavery was abolished because people thought it unfair and horrible, people such as Frederick Douglass(first African-American to hold a high place in government),Harriet Tubman(one of the most important conductors of the Underground Railroad, and going to the south 19 times to persuade African Americans to fight against slavery)John Brown( helped freed and escaped slaves find refuge in the Underground Railroad)and Abraham Lincoln( who was the 16th president of America, who fought against slavery), without people like them in the past, slavery might still be going on today, like before.

Slavery was abolished so many people-mostly slaves- were overjoyed and jovial; however many slave owners were not, as they had to let their son es go, and were forced to do a lot more work- but it wasn’t all good for the slaves,  as now that they were free, they had no home, money or a job.

Slavery was abolished but that didn’t mean everyone got equal rights, in fact during the mid 90s MLK( Martin Luther King jr) led numerous protests for civil rights, and even nowadays there is slavery and racism.


Slavery was abolished because some black Americans thought that it wasn’t fair, so they started protesting

Slavery was abolished so black people didn’t have to do back-breaking work for 12 hours a day.

Slavery was abolished but the black people still didn’t have rights and they weren’t allowed at certain places.