This Week in Reception

This week Reception has been learning about the 5 senses. The children learned that we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, taste with our mouths, smell with our noses and touch with mainly our hands but we can feel with other parts of the body too.


We took part in many activities involving the sense of sight. We talked about colours, especially colours in a rainbow. We used different coloured paint: red, orange yellow, violet, green and blue to paint the rainbow and we also used yellow and orange lentils, small pieces of red ribbon, blue, green and violet pieces of paper to decorate rainbow templates.

Outside we played eye-spy to spot things starting with different sounds and also hunted for different numbers of coloured treasure for example can we find 3 red coloured things etc. 

During our Phonics lesson we thought of different things that start with the ‘d’ sound and for numeracy we practiced copying and writing numbers 1-10.


As part of our continued learning about senses, we used our ears for hearing, to identify different sounds in a game we played. The children enjoyed guessing sounds like listening to water running in a sink to, an aeroplane flying above and an owl hooting in the woods.  We listened to the sound of shakers made of bottles filled with rice and pebbles and buttons and used different wood pieces as well. Some were loud and some were very quiet. 

Outside we played the traffic light game where we had to listen hard to instructions given. We learnt that green meant we could move and run but red meant we had to be still as a statue! 

For Phonics we learnt the sound ‘g’ and thought of words that began with ‘g’. During carpet time we counted as high as we could! Some of us were even able to count above 20. A few even could even write up to 20.


Wednesday we learnt about the sense of taste. We learnt about sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy. We coloured things we could eat in activity sheets and cut out different food and put them on the correct category of taste. 

Outdoor we had some lovely activities such as a water pipe display and used paint and stencils to make alphabets. 

During Phonics we traced our names and decorated the name sheets. We revised some letters from last week like ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ ‘p’, copied the letters on the white boards and thought of words that began with them. 


We used our noses to smell different things like vinegar, lemon, perfume, garlic and pine freshener. Some of us liked all options. The most popular one was the pine freshener! We discussed different items and labelled them as good smells or stinky smells. We also decorated a gingerbread man with eyes, ears, mouth and buttons.

Outside we played Hopscotch and counted the numbers as we landed on the squares.   

For phonics we learnt the sound ‘c’ and guessed things that began with that sound.


We used our hands to touch and feel different materials. We felt Acorns, spiky ball, smooth and soft corn stuffed (corn starch)gloves, cotton, pasta, sea shells, and smashed papers! We traced our hands on paper and decorated it with all these types of different materials.

For Phonics we learnt the sound ‘O’ and helped sound out the word October and other words beginning with ‘O’. 

For P.E we ran an obstacle course manoeuvring around cones and timing ourselves. The children loved running free while still listening carefully to the rules and instructions.

The daily routine for Reception has been updated, please see below:

A Few Reminders / Updates

  • You should have all received your child’s Homework book today. Homework will be sent every Friday and should be returned on Tuesday.
  • Reading books will go out on Monday and should be returned on Friday.
  • We would also like to remind parents to label book bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, coats and especially school jumpers. 
  • Fruit juices or chocolate spread are not allowed and we would like to remind you that we are a nut free school. 
  • Please encourage the children to follow the class rules such as criss cross apple sauce, hands on your lap, being kind to our friends, walking in class instead of running and also have a conversation about sharing and taking turns
  • There will be Golden time / show and tell on Fridays. Please encourage your child to bring something in they can share with the class.


Wishing you all a wonderful, safe weekend

The Reception Team