This week’s Theme of the Week: Being Patient

Learning Objectives

• To understand that patience will be tested through suffering and difficulties in life

• The rewards of being patient

In this theme, the children will learn that: Patience is having the ability to bear suffering, to wait for something without getting upset, facing hardship without complaining and enduring pain without moaning or groaning. In all these situations a patient person will turn to Allah for support and guidance.

  • To be patient is to accept that we have to wait for our turn
  • When someone doesn’t pick you to play with them, we shouldn’t get upset
  • When we run out of our favourite food, we should be patient
  • Shaytan wants us to get angry so we say or do things that hurt others
  • Allah is on the side of the one who is patient
  • Develop resilience by being patient
  • The best things come to those who wait