Time to tell you ALL ABOUT ME :)

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Parents!

I pray you are all well and safe in the mercy of Allah (swt).

Alhumdulillah we’ve had a very beneficial week at Nursery getting to know one another. We all had a chance to speak about ourselves for example, our name, how many siblings we have, our mummy and daddy, how we’re all Muslims and brothers and sisters in Islam etc.

We spent time this week learning about ourselves too. One of the things we did to understand ourselves was by measuring our heights and weighing ourselves! It was really exciting for the children to find out how tall they are and how much they’re growing every day!

Enough with the talking, let me take you on a visual tour of the Nursery this week…

Circle Time

We did our usual routine of starting the day with Surah Fatihah, going through the day, date and month.

We have started learning about the Months in Islam alhumdulillah.


In Circle time this week, we spoke about feelings and how we feel in different circumstances. We went through a presentation of different emotions.

We learnt to say “Aoudhubillah” every time we felt sad or angry.

Outdoor Play

Too much to do too little time!
We had a lot of fun playing Football and scoring goals! I must say we have a very athletic Nursery class MashaAllah 🙂
And then there was a Penalty shootout after the final whistle… A very close game indeed…
Weather was nice to catch up on some reading…
We can practice mark making anywhere!

Focus Activities


We tried to create Self-portraits of ourselves using mirrors to see our reflections in. By creating a self portrait, children learn who they are, how they want to present themselves and what’s important to them. We spoke about how Allah swt has blessed us with all these wonderful features and how they will continue to change as we grow.

When we were babies…

Another activity that we focused on this week was caring for babies. We looked after babies the way our mummies and daddies looked after us. We also discussed how we’ve grown from the time when we were babies to how we look and behave now.

Mark Making
All about my Name…

Islamic Studies

This week we continued learning Surah Fatihah.

We practiced saying our greetings, “Assalamu Alaykum, Walaykum Salam

We also began memorising Dua for Knowledge ‘Rabbi Zidni Ilma’ (Oh Allah, Increase me in Knowledge 20:114)

And then we prayed Dhuhr together and made Dua for each other alhumdulillah

Next Week


Next week children can bring in their favourite items/toys to share with their class. Please make sure the item is labelled.

Please can I request if parents can send in (via email or a hardcopy) baby pictures of their children, if they haven’t already. We will be looking at their baby pictures together in the week commencing 12th October.

Please Note:

Please remember, Suffah Nursery and Primary school is a NUT – FREE school.

This means, we cannot allow any food items that contain nuts in them in any form. That includes peanut butter or biscuits with nuts. So please be very careful when preparing snacks/lunches for children as we have children with Nut allergies in the school.

The water dispenser is not operational for the first term. So PLEASE make sure children bring their own water in a labelled bottle. JazakAllah.

Please do not forget to pass your child’s unique CHILD COLLECTION PASSWORD to everyone on the ‘permission to collect’ form.

Covid 19 update

Please make sure you DO NOT bring your child to school if he/she or any other member in the family displays any symptoms of Covid 19.

In addtion please let the school know if your child, or any other family member in your home, has been in contact with someone who has Covid 19 symptoms.

It is our responsibility to keep all the children as well as staff members safe from any potential transmission whilst at school.

JazakAllahu Khayrun. Have a safe weekend.

The Nursery Team.