Week 2 (Autumn 2) in Y5

Assalaamu Alaikum, Year 5 and Parents!

I pray you are all in the best of health In Sha Allah!

New Changes (Temporary):

It has been quite an interesting experience teaching part of Y5 and part of Y3! Fortunately, the children have been adapting well to this new change, alhumdulilah.

Standard of Work:

The standards of expectations I have for Year 5 in Autumn Term 2 is a lot higher now that they have learnt a lot more in Autumn 1. As parents, please ensure that you are keeping track of you’re children’s progress from home and are encouraging them to reach their highest potential in home learning also. As a teacher, it is mine and Ustdha Amatuallah’s responsibility to facilitate learning and raise the standards of your children’s learning but it is your child’s responsibility to respond to via home study and yours to encourage this at home. Let us aim for the moon so that if we cannot reach the moon, we are still amongst the stars.

Assembly: Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Y5 was unable to perform in their assembly this week. Once the sound is up and running, we will be able to perform our piece. Now that we have been given extra time to do so, there is absolutely no excuse of any child to not remember their lines. Parents can feel free to make/buy costumes BUT this is not a must (check my email for more details).


I have set Maths, English, RE, Science and Topic homework for this week. I thoroughly do emphasize that you MUST be ensuring that your children are reading in front of you EVERYDAY for 10-15 mins and practicing weekly spellings. I have given out Yellow Reading Record books which it is your responsibility to write in, also. The children have been given books to read that they have chosen from the library (I have logged into the system on which books have been taken). We will aim to change these books every two weeks. I have also given out band books (appropriate to reading age) and your other YELLOW reading record. The band books will be changed, weekly.

I often send back feedback on homework, so please ensure your children are collecting their marked homework and putting it in their bags.

It is the children’s responsibility to complete their homework, and yours to encourage them.

Those who do not complete homework will have to complete this in school, in their lunch detention.

The homework that has been set as as follows:

English (3 Sheets: Punctuation Sheet, Writing a letter and Year 5 Class Assembly lines)

Maths (2 Sheets:  Year 5 – Week 7 homework – Ladder Work Out and fractions and Abacus online homework ‘Get the Yeti’).

Spellings: 1 Sheet: Year 5 1B Term Spellings (Some may have Year 6 but this is based on ability).

RE (1 Sheet: Baptism)

Science (2 Sheets: Animal Gestation Periods, Comparing Gestation periods).

Topic (2 Sheets: Life in Amsterdam After Nazi Invasion)

QAIS: This will be given by their teacher!

Learning this week:

English: The children have been learning about WW2 through the core text, ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. The key skills for this week have been focused on diary entries, describing settings in WW2 and drama, predictions, inferences and retrieval.

In guided reading, we have been reading the book, ‘Kaspar’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Maths: The children have been learning to simplify fractions and multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers using the ladder method.

Science: We have been exploring animals (including humans). Specially, we have focused upon gestation periods and growth of a human.

Topic: In conjunctions with English, we have been learning about WW2 and what life would have been like in the 1930s.

RE: This week have been learning about Christianity and denominations in relation to Christmas traditions.

Art: The main focus for Art will also be in conjunction with WW2 and Islamic Art.

PSHE: We will be exploring Online safety in collaboration with Computing.

Feel free to email me if you have any enquires! Year5@suffahprimaryschool.co.uk

Have an amazing weekend!