Assalamu Alaykum Dear Nursery Parents!

Alhumdulillah We have had an eventful week at Nursery! With lots of fun-filled activities, boosting their learning and development.

Throughout the Week, we all worked on our pencil control. We also attempted recognising and writing our names too.

We strengthened our hand-to-eye coordination through ‘Threading’ activities.

Practitioners have been encouraging children to bond with each other and build friendships. Forging friendships forms an integral part of a three to four-year old’s personal and social development.

We’ve had snack time outdoors as a picnic most days this week (when the weather allowed us to do so!)

During circle time, we developed routine by going through “What day/date is it?”, and later, “…what is the weather like?” We also visually go through our nursery routine so children start to get accustomed to the routine of the day.

We introduced the concept of saying “Bismillah”, “JazakAllah” and “Alhumdulillah”. Children have also been learning the Dua, ‘Rabbi Zidni Ilma’ (Oh Allah, Increase me in Knowledge 20:114).

At story time, we read ‘Meg’s Car’ and ‘Toffee’s New Friend’, along with various nursery rhymes every day.

 Since our theme at the moment is ‘ALL ABOUT ME’, we focused on the five senses too.

Let us ‘walk’ you through the past week…

Monday was MUDDY MONDAY!

We all went for a walk, in the icky muddy playground! Our young explorers observed their surroundings and spotted various creepy crawlies.

We then went ‘Leaf hunting’, where we all together collected all kinds of leaves MashaAllah. They really enjoyed doing this activity as they ran around looking for different shapes and sizes of leaves.

We then discussed what we saw for example, the different types of leaves. Our Nursery children intelligently described them as ‘crunchy’, ‘soft’, ‘wet’, ‘yellow’, ‘leafy’ and ‘cold’. We spoke about Autumn and of course Who made the leaves? Who made Us? etc.

This activity was very beneficial in introducing the children to ‘smell and touch’ senses. We smelt the different leaves and felt them too.


On Tuesday, we made leaf crowns with the leaves we collected on Monday. Children loved wearing these crowns and looked forward to sharing them with their parents.

We also had messy fun with finger painting, that eventually turned into hand printing all over ourselves :D.

With the help of Ustadha, the children attempted at mark making their names and different numbers. By doing so, they learnt different things whilst enjoying themselves Alhumdulillah!

This activity was extremely good for children as it aids their development in various ways, i.e. physical development in fine motor skills and mark making etc; and of course, they get to have a ton of fun!


On Wednesday, the children loved making sensory bags. They used a gooey mixture of shampoo, feathers, pompoms and glitter all by themselves!

Children were amazed to see how the colours were changing, how the bag smelt and how the items inside were making the bag feel different. The little ones proudly showed off their masterpieces MashaAllah.


We all made butter sandwiches for family members. With the help of a practitioner, children attempted to make these sandwiches all by themselves (some made more than one!).

This activity was for them to experience ‘taste’, and some children took that literally and ate the sandwiches before mum and/or dad could even see it!

We had lots of water play and played in the rain too…

We also had a long exciting game of ‘hide and seek’ and the children loved counting as well as hiding!


We ended the week with learning about the importance of Friday prayers. We all role-played getting ready, doing wudhu and going to the Masjid together to pray Jummah Salah.

Children were also given a very basic introduction to the Five Pillars of Islam.

They coloured in their own place mat sheets with Bismillah written on it and spoke about the different foods they enjoy eating.

Next week, we will continue the ALL ABOUT ME theme and focus on family members.

Please note:

Children must bring in any photos of family members that they would like to share with us.

For Thankful Thursday (cooking) this week, children must bring a piece of fruit. A list will be provided by the nursery team.

Every Thursday will be ‘book day’ so please send a book bag with your child’s name on it.

JazakAllahu khayrun and see you all next week inshaAllah.

Nursery Team!