Week 3 in Reception – Europe

Assalamo alaikum Dear Reception Pupils and Parents

I pray that you are all well and safe in sha Allah

This week we started our longer online sessions, alhumdilillah most of the children have done well to attend and adapt to the new structure.

The theme this week in Reception was Europe, here’s what the children learnt:

This week during phonics, Reception have been learning the following sounds: ck, r, h, b, f. They have been practicing the letter sounds and writing it in the air with their magic fingers as well as practicing it on their whiteboards.

They have practiced a new sound each day as well as CVC words with the same initial letter sound. They have been learning how to segment and blend sounds using their sound fingers.

I am pleased to see some children were able to do so independently by the end of this week, Ma Sha Allah. They have also learnt a special sound (ck) they have learnt that these two letters together are special friends (diagraph) that make one sound.

This week they have been introduced to the following tricky word ‘the’. Tricky words are words that cannot be phonetically sounded out. Children did find it funny when Ustadha tried to sound it out.

Reception have been doing so well during phonics this week that I challenged them to write captions at the end of our session. I was truly astounded! Not only were they able to write captions, but some were able to segment and blend each word within the caption, some children were able to read and remember the caption too.

I am so happy with the progress you are all making, please keep up the good work. Ust. Nelema 🙂

This week in Reception the children have been learning about 2D shapes. They learnt that 2D shapes are flat and all have sides but a few don’t have any corners! 

The shapes are:

Circle – Circles have 1 side but no corners. If a line is drawn from the center of a circle to any point on the circle’s side it will be the same length. Everyday objects such as wheels, clocks, donuts and dart boards are circular in shape.

Oval – Just like circles, ovals also have 1 side and no corners. But an oval looks like a stretched out circle and so a line drawn from its center to different points of its side will not be the same length. Eggs, mirrors and serving platters are few of the oval shaped everyday objects in the world

Triangles – Reception learnt that triangles have 3 sides and 3 corners and every day objects like children-crossing road signs, clothes hangers, boat sails and Nachos  were triangular shaped.

Square – Squares have 4 sides and 4 corners that are the same length. Cheese slices, cushions, chess boards and certain biscuits are squares

Rectangle – Rectangles too, have 4 sides and 4 corners but unlike squares they have 2 opposite long sides and 2 opposite short sides. Envelopes, T.V’s, books and doors are few of the rectangular objects in the real world.

Pentagon – Pentagons have 5 sides and 5 corners. The children learnt that ‘Penta’ means 5 in Greek. Outline of a House, price tags, the black panels on a football and the Department of Defence building in America are all shaped like pentagons.

Hexagon – Hexagons where ‘hexa’ means 6, have 6 sides and 6 corners. Honey combs, nuts and bolts and cheese biscuits are a few of the Hexagonal shapes.

Octagon – Octagons have 8 sides and 8 corners just like an Octopus has 8 arms. Octa means 8 and Stop signs and umbrellas are few of the real life objects that are octagonal in shape.

Keep up the good work Reception, I’ve been very impressed by your hard work this week! Ust. Zeenat 🙂

On Monday, we learnt about different famous places in Italy for example, The Trevie fountain and Colosseum and we also talked about popular food like Gelato, Pasta and Pizza.

We then talked about the colour of the Italian flag and we made it out with red and green tissue paper.

Look at some of the lovely flags the children made at home:

On Tuesday, he made a pasta necklace as pasta is one of the most famous food items from Italy. This activity helped the children improve their eye-hand coordination, while they thread the string through the pasta.

Don’t these colourful necklaces look lovely:

On Wednesday, we learnt about London and that England is in Europe. We discussed famous places in London like Trafalgar Square, London Eye and Big Ben and I encouraged the children to tell us all whether they had ever visited these places.

We then made a London Bus with a box and we learnt the different names of the shapes: rectangle, circle, triangle and square by cutting out the shapes. The cutting exercise helps to enhance children’s fine motor skills and gripping.

These London buses look amazing:

On Thursday, We flew back to Italy and we talked about The Tower of Pisa. We discussed why the tower is leaning on one side. Afterwards, we identified the difference between the flags of France and Italy.

We made the leaning tower of Pisa with a tissue roll and encouraged children to think how they could make the tissue roll lean on one side. Children were able to make leaning the Tower of Pisa with adult support and they learn about teamwork.

The Towers certainly look like they are going to fall over! :

On Friday, we recapped what we had learnt about Italy, England and France and the famous food of each place.

Afterwards, we made pizza bread as it is a famous food in Italy, we used different ingredients, sauce and cheese to decorate the bread; and encouraged children to introduce the names of ingredients that they were using it. This activity helped to boost the children’s confidence as they create something that the family can enjoy and allowed them to work independently.

The pizza looks delicious, I am sure the children enjoyed making and eating them:

I have really enjoyed the creative sessions with Reception Class, you have all worked really hard, well done to all of you! Ust. Maria 🙂

As you can see, we may be online, but the children are definitely being kept busy, alhumdilillah! 😉

Next week Reception class are off to North and South America!! 😎

A Few Reminders🎗

  • It is lovely to see most of the children joining in the sessions, please do encourage your child to continue to take part.
  • Please email pictures of your child’s completed work to the class teachers so we can include them in the blog. Please put your child’s name in the email subject.
  • The next set of “Home Learning” packs will be ready to collect on Thursday 28th January between 1pm and 3pm from the Early Years Building. Please do come and get them, they are full of things to keep your child busy while at home!
  • If you haven’t already done so please complete the online learning survey that was sent out to you via email on Thursday, deadline is Sunday afternoon.
  • If there is anything you wish to discuss please feel free to drop me an email on assistanthead@suffahprimaryschool.co.uk

Jzk, Soobia Khan (Early Years Manager)