Overall Summary:

Assalaamu Alaikum, Year 5 and Parents!

This week has been a rather interesting one! Unfortunately, not many of your children have been in, however the children have worked very hard in their GL Assessments! It is finally done! Hooray! I noticed the class seems a lot more settled this term and your children are producing a lot of quality and progress in their learning. I do believe we can do EVEN better with our speed in writing! I want our Year to develop a lot more independence in their learning, so please encourage your children to not underestimate themselves! I have been getting the children to self/peer asses parts of their work so that they are able to understand the mistakes they have been making and how they can rectify them.

Equipment: I urge you all to buy your children every bit of equipment for school as we cannot share. In Maths, a protractor is needed, so please ensure that your children are bringing in their protractors to school, along with purple pens (for marking), glue sticks and all other items (pens, pencils, rubbers etc.)


I have set Maths and English for this week. I thoroughly do emphasize that you MUST be ensuring that your children are reading in front of you EVERYDAY for 10-15 mins and practicing weekly spellings. I have given out Yellow Reading Record books which it is your responsibility to write in, also. The children have been given books to read that they have chosen from the library (I have logged into the system on which books have been taken). We will aim to change these books every two weeks. I have also given out band books (appropriate to reading age) and your other YELLOW reading record. The band books will be changed, weekly.

I often send back feedback on homework, so please ensure your children are collecting their marked homework and putting it in their bags.

It is the children’s responsibility to complete their homework, and yours to encourage them.

Those who do not complete homework will have to complete this in school, in their lunch detention.

I will try to set more online homework due to Covid-19, the less paper transfers we make, the better!

I have been unable to give the children new books this week due, Ustadha Amatullah and I will assign days and books for children, in order to avoid overload at once.

The homework that has been set are as follows:

English (2 Sheets: ‘Fix the sentence’ – SPAG and Writing a balanced argument)

Maths (2 Sheets:  Year 5 – Week 8 homework – Geometry and Abacus online homework ‘Lava Drama’ and watching ‘ How to use a protractor’).

Spellings: 1 Sheet: Year 5 1B Term Spellings (Some may have Year 6 but this is based on ability).

QAIS: This will be given by their teacher!

Learning this week:

English: The children have been learning about WW2 through the core text, ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. The key skills for this week have been focused on writing letters in role, describing settings in WW2 and drama, predictions, inferences and retrieval. We will be touching upon balanced arguments soon. We have also been developing independence in learning and correcting our own work. I believe this has been effective in progress in the quality of writing.

In guided reading, we have been reading the book, ‘Kaspar’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Maths: The children have been learning to divide using the ladder method and now the frog method. The class found the frog method a bit confusing but are very confident using the bus top method. We have also moved on to Geometry, and having been learning how to measure using a protractor and making estimates in angles.

Science: We have been exploring animals (including humans). Specially, we have focused upon gestation periods and growth of a human. – Continuous. The GL Assessments have taken up a lot of these lessons unfortunately but we will move on next week.

Topic: In conjunctions with English, we have been learning about WW2 and organizing events in chronological order and unpicking different sides of the event.

RE: This week have been learning about Christianity and the Christmas traditions that take places throughout time (Victorian era, WW2 and now etc).

Art: This week of Art was rather exciting as the children got to sketch different Islamic inspired Art. The children also got to become architects and sketched buildings of their choice. I was so impressed by the level of observational and fine motor skills they exhibited! Well done, YR 5!

The children also got to practice their stenciling skills and create these designs with paint. This lesson will be done again as not everyone managed to move onto the second part.

PSHE: We will be creating their own Maths Game in collaboration with Computing (In sha Allah).

PE: The children had been building up on their agility in racing as well as their time count in skipping. Every week is a new skill focus but overall, YR5 will be developing their strength in Fitness.

Feel free to email me if you have any enquires! Year5@suffahprimaryschool.co.uk

Have an amazing weekend!