Week 4 in Nursery…

Assalamu Alaykum Parents 🙂

As adults, writing comes easily and without much thought. For children however, writing is a whole new skill requiring time, practice and encouragement. Holding a pen and controlling it with such precision takes a lot of skill and involves hand to eye co-ordination and muscle control in our hands and fingers.

Therefore, in nursery, as well as trying to write (even scribbles mean something!) and practicing our names, we have been busy strengthening our hand and finger muscles too. To do so we played with playdoh and used Jumbo plastic tweezers throughout the week in various ways.

Children have started self-registration this week too. They have started recognising their name and the letters that make up their name Alhumdulillah. So do keep encouraging them by pointing out letters from their names.

This week children were also shown an innovative way to put on their jackets. They loved trying out this strategy and some even achieved their goal! (see example below)

The Milk shop is open! In nursery children were introduced to the concept of money and buying/selling this week. They had to come up to the market stand and buy milk for £1 everyday, before story time. Kids absolutely loved this role-play and also learnt alot too 🙂

Circle Time

We started our day with saying Salaams to each other. We then read Surah Fatihah and did our morning exercises! Children love exercise time as they get to do all sorts of crazy moves with the Ustadhas (including exercising their mouths with funny sounds).

Afterwards, we discussed the day, date and current weather. We had very funny conversations about how the sun is hiding, or sleeping, or the clouds are peaking at us etc…

We also discussed how to say thank you to Allah (we say Alhumdulillah) and what JazakAllah means (May Allah give you a present/reward). We spoke about how our eyes and ears and clean clothes etc are a present from Allah.

The conversation extended to talking about Jannah and what we would like in Jannah inshaAllah.

On Friday, we always talk about the importance of Friday and Jumu’ah Salah. We speak about washing up and wearing new clothes etc. This week, children were told Friday is mini Eid so they can remind their parents to give them presents if they are good the whole week inshaAllah.

So to encourage this concept further, children can come dressed up on Fridays so we can celebrate this ‘mini Eid’ together.

P.s- don’t worry parents, they were told presents include cuddles and treats, not just toys hehe

Story Time and Rhyme Time

This week’s books were “Katy Kitten”, “Little Lost Rabbit”, Hello says Olly Bear” and “All sorts of Shapes”.

This week’s new rhymes were “I am a Muslim man, I pray”, “Be careful little hands” and “Arabic numbers”.

Islamic Studies

We rehearsed our last week’s duas, “Rabbi Zidni Ilma and Ghufranaka

This weeks Dua was “Allahumma inni Aodhubika minal khubsi wal khabais” – Dua for entering the toilet.

We are also trying to memorise Surah Fatihah by reciting it together at the start and end of the day.


On Monday we went out digging for Snails! Children loved this adventurous hunt. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any snails but we did find some “wiggly Worms”.

We spoke about how they look, feel and move. Children made some excellent observations mashaAllah. We then realised they must be missing their Mummy and Daddy so we let them go home and waved goodbye.

However, since we didn’t find any snails, we decided to make them on our arts and craft table! We used a paper plate and painted it with pom poms on pegs.


On Tuesday, we spent time doing some gardening. We filled up our gardening area with fresh soil and hope to work on it over the year inshaAllah!

We also learnt about shapes and did an activity where children had to match the shapes to the right one. MashaAllah all our children completed the activity independently and successfully.


On Wednesday we made fairy soup! Children added all sorts of ingredients (glitter, flowers, leaves etc) to make it a tasty soup mashaAllah. It was a fun activity 😊

We also did a small science experiment where we saw how a fizzy tablet dissolves in water. Children were amazed by it and we had a very interesting discussion about it mashaAllah.


Fresh Orange juice!

On Thursday we made freshly squeezed orange Juice! Children absolutely loved this activity. They really worked their tiny hand muscles to squeeze the oranges and then pouring it in the jug mashaAllah.

This week we started using the smart board! Children were totally amused by how it worked. We had a ton of fun on the Paint app. Children chose different colours to doodle with and some even signed off their work in the end!


This Friday we made pasta Tasbeeh, or necklaces as some called it! Children really worked on their hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills to accomplish this task.

We then prayed Jumu’ah salah together. Children all mirrored the wudhu actions and got (pretend) dressed up. After the Adhaan was played we all stood in a line to pray alhumdulillah. It was lovely to see how engaged they were in praying mashaAllah.

Please Note

There is NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK. Hence children will have a two week holiday inshaAllah.

School with re-open on Monday 28th October 2019.

Please remember this is a NUT FREE school therefore any items containing Nuts are not allowed. Please be VERY careful about that as we have a few children with Nut allergies.

Every Thursday will be ‘book day’ so please send a book bag with your child’s name on it. Please remember to bring the books back the following Thursday. The children who took books this week, can return them once we are back at school inshaAllah.

Lastly, children can dress up on Friday to celebrate ‘mini Eid’!

JazakAllahu khayrun.

Have a wonderful break inshaAllah!

The Nursery Team!