Assaalaam aalikum,

Dear Parents,

This week Year 1 are learning about division and multiplication in Maths .

Progression Focus

Numbers and counting; fractions

The children counting skills will be extended to include:

a. counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and identifying patterns

b. counting is related to estimation

c. recognising halves and quarters as equal parts of a whole.

Weekly Summary

Children are expected to count on and back in tens from any number; begin to count in 5s and 2s recognising multiples of 5 end in 5 and 0; children begin to count in 2s; estimate a number of objects within a range and count by grouping into 10s or 5s

Help your child to understand arrays at home using cubes, raisins, egg boxes, stickers and Lego to represent multiplication and division. Please use the sheet bellow as an example to start you off, ensuring you both have fun!

What to avoid:

Please do not be tempted to use the written method for both multiplication and division at this stage. Try to be very flexible and learn the mental strategies:

  1. Referring to multiplication as a repeated addition  or doubling, using arrays.

2. Refereeing to division as sharing groups of numbers between 2, 3 and more.