Maths: 2D shapes

This week children will be learning how to:

  • Recognise, name and describe squares, rectangles, circles and triangles
  • Begin to recognise basic line symmetry in pictures and shapes
  • Sort 2D shapes according to their properties, using Venn diagrams
  • Sort objects into Venn diagrams
  • Use Carroll diagrams to sort shapes and objects


Check Active Learn website to help your child with this week’s activities:

This will help children to recognise 2D shapes and their properties.

Once the children have secured this knowledge they will attempt the mastery checkpoint and the challenge activity:


We will be looking at different types of food and the countries they are from. Children will:

Recognise a dictionary and how to use it

Write a food entry

Use a ‘Did you know?’ box

Use adjectives

Write a sentence after saying out loud

Use adjectives diagrams in their dictionary entry


Please ensure that your child reads and brings in their books daily.

Don’t forget to enjoy reading for pleasure with them. here is a fun poem about English that would introduce them to the concept of plurals in grammar.