Dear Suffah Pupils

Lockdown is a strange time for us all – we don’t get to go out, we can’t see our extended family and we can’t come to school!

Most of you have been doing an amazing job of attending classes, handing in homework and keeping up to date with your learning… well done!

However, school is not just about academic learning, all the staff are concerned for and responsible for your welfare too. We want to ensure that you are all happy!!

So, we have been thinking about this recently and we decided that along with the academic work you should all have some other things to focus on during lockdown that you can share with the rest of the school and wider community.

We are starting a “Suffah in Lockdown” blog and this is how it will work:

*Every Friday I will issue a challenge to you all, I’ll send you an email and put it on the school blog.

*You will then have until 5pm the following Thursday to submit your entry. Take a picture and email it to

*Entries will then be put on the website and there will be special mentions from Ustadh Asif and myself for those children who have really put effort into their entry.

* Then the following Friday we start all over again

*You don’t have to take part every week – just read the challenge and if it’s something you want to get involved in then that’s great! Ask family to get involved too!

So, here’s this week’s challenge (yes I know it’s not Friday, but I’m starting this one early!)

Junk Modelling: I would like you to create a masjid, make it as big and colourful and extravagant as you can!

Here’s some pictures to inspire you!

Once you’ve completed the challenge take a picture and email it to

With Jumada Al Thani starting tomorrow, we are now 3 months away from Ramadan; a month in which we all seek to connect with Allah(swt) as much as possible and reap his rewards.

As a bonus, here’s a RAMADAN CHALLENGE starting today…

Learn the 99 names of Allah by Ramadan!

We have around 90 days before the blessed month of Ramadan, if we learn just one name a day during the weekdays and double up on some weekends then in sha Allah by Ramadan we will know all of them! Wouldn’t that be amazing!!!

So, make your intention and set your goal, this is something your whole family can take part in!

Feel free to send me a short video of you reciting the names of Allah(swt) and we will put the videos on the website!

May Allah(swt) allow us to witness Ramadan, be people of the Quran, and attain his pleasure. Ameen

I look forward to receiving your entries!!


Ust. Soobia

Assistant Head