Assalamo alaikum dear parents

We have now been back to school for a few days and it has been wonderful catching up with the children and hearing about all the exciting adventures they had during the Summer.

Many of you would have seen the work that has been going on in Early Years. The new team have been in throughout the Summer getting ready for tomorrow as they welcome the Reception class. May Allah(swt) reward them for all the hard, ameen!

A Few Reminders:

Unfortunately we still have some parents who haven’t cleared fees/ dinner money from last academic year. If you still have an outstanding debt please settle it as soon as possible.

Going forward can I please request that fees are paid monthly at the start of the month and dinner money is settled weekly. Jzk

Clubs will be starting from tomorrow (Monday 9th) in sha Allah. If you haven’t signed up your child yet then please do so asap so they don’t miss out. If we don’t get enough children signing up for clubs then we will have to cancel them which would be a real shame.

Reminder that your child should be in full school uniform at all times. The Summer uniform should no longer be worn. Friday uniform includes black abayahs and white thobes, these must be plain.

You should have all received a data sheet to confirm your child’s details / permission to collect / photo consent. Please return this as soon as possible.

I pray that we all have a successful year!

Soobia Khan