Welcome to Reception Class!

Assalamo Alaikum dear parents

Reception has mash’Allah settled down really well in their new class and they are all ready to learn and explore!

This week we have been introducing ourselves to our new friends, we spoke about our families and drew self portraits. We also spoke about being different in size and colour and how Allah created us different from each other.

We learnt about our class rules and children made a promise to Ustadah to follow the class rules.

On Monday we introduced ourselves to Abdullah who is our Reception teddy.

On Tuesday we made our self portraits by looking at ourselves in the mirror.

On Wednesday we did name decorating with lentils to improve our fine motor skills and recognition of names.

On Thursday we spoke about families and drew pictures of who is in our family.

On Friday we had P.E together and enjoyed playing football!

In our Arabic lessons we have been learning Arabic numbers 1-10 and in Qur’an we have been doing surah Fatiha and surah Al-Asar. In Islamic Studies we have been talking about saying Bismillah before starting to do anything. We also spoke about how to respect Allah by saying SubahanAllah Tala and respecting our parents, family and everyone.

This week we focused on the book Chrysanthemum along with other classic stories.

Next week we will be focusing on our five senses; seeing, feeling, touching, taste, smelling and hearing.

We will be focusing on these books next week and the focus book will be Elmer.

JazakAllah Khair from Ustadah Naveeda, Ustadah Kausar and Ustadah Fawziya.