Welcome Year 1 Parents!

Assalamu’alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu,

I pray you are all in the best of health and imaan.

Alhamdulilah, the children have had a fantastic first week at school. They have settled in very well and it felt like as if they never had a holiday!

This week we have been busy doing lots of work! Suprisingly the kids have loved it. As this was their first week, their learning was mostly based around settling in and understanding the school and the rules within school as they are YEAR 1s now!

This week we completed ‘All About Me’ booklets which they then shared to the rest of the class. We also wrote a recount of our holidays and Maa Sha Allah the children’s writing were amazing. We also did some number work in Maths.  All the children have taken their work home, so if you would like to see their work, please check their bag.

Here are some few pointers to follow through whilst being at school:

  • Please ensure all children come into school with their plimsole as this is a compulsory item of uniform. If children come to school without it, parents will be informed in the morning.
  • Please ensure all clothing or personal items of children are clearly labelled and children are aware of this
  • Our PE day is on Tuesday’s, all children must come into school wearing the correct PE uniform.
  • During the week we have Golden Time allocated for the children; Mondays and Thursdays. On these days children can bring in one toy of their choice to play with.
  • As we are promoting healthy eating throughout the school, children are expected to have a healthy lunch, therefore, during the week please do not give children sugary treats or crisps. Only on Friday’s children can bring in sugary treats of their choice.
  • We are a Nut Free school, therefore, please ensure your children do not have any nut-based food or food that may contain traces of nuts

Please find below our timetable