We’ve had a ‘Baaa-rilliant’ week!

Assalamu Alaykum Parents!

I pray you are all in the best of health and Eimaan Ameen.

Alhumdulillah we’ve been keeping busy this week with our learning packs and online sessions. Lets take a brief look through the week.


The theme this week was Farm Animals and the online sessions have been quite eventful this week alhumdulillah.

We made playdough together and read ‘Noisy Farm’ and ‘Squash and a Squeeze’. On Thursday I received the following email and we had a special visit from Chestnut (Ustadha Soobia’s pet Guinea pig!).

Then on Friday, we had a visit from Old Macdonald, who requested the help of the children to find his missing farm animals! I must say I am very proud of my Nursery children mashaAllah 🙂


JazakAllah to the parents for sending in pictures of the children’s completed work. The following were emailed this week alhumdulillah.

Mariyah’s Work
Yunus’s Work
Maryam’s Work


Ireland's first-ever dinosaurs discovered - BBC Science Focus Magazine

The Theme next week is DINOSAURS!

Please make note of the following items for the specified days:

On TUESDAY, we will be making Salad for the Dinosaurs! Please provide 3 or more ingredients for this salad for example, lettuce leaves, sliced cucumbers (for the children to cut into smaller pieces) raisins or olives etc.

How to Make Kids Salad (They'll Actually Want to Eat)

On THURSDAY, we will be making a Volcano Erupt in an experiment! Parents will be required to provide complete supervision for this task. Please have the following items ready.

You will need to make sure you find a clear open space to carry out this experiment. For the actual Volcano vessel, you can use a tall glass or a jug (to avoid too much spillage) unless of course if you have a bottle of some kind.


Calling all Mummies!

Suffah Nursery School is proud to present Virtual Coffee Mornings for all of our Nursery Mums during this lockdown 🙂

When: Every Tuesday 9 till 9.45am.

The purpose of this virtual gathering is for Mums to catch up with Myself and Soobia (if she is able to join us) as well as other mums of course. We will be able to share each other’s experiences and thoughts on home-schooling during this lockdown and you can ask any questions with regards to your child’s learning and development.

But most importantly, to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea!) in each other’s company 🙂 The only condition is that you come along with a few biscuits to share!

A Google Meets joining code will be sent to all Nursery parents in a separate email on Monday. Please keep an eye out for that email.

Please note, this is an informal event and not a platform to raise any questions with regards to the school. If you have any concerns or issues please address them with the management via email on assistanthead@suffahprimaryschool.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you all there inshaAllah.


An online learning survey was sent out to you via email last week. Please kindly complete it, if you haven’t already done so. Feedback from these surveys provide us with an opportunity to understand your experience and thoughts on the current home learning arrangements.

The deadline for submission is Sunday afternoon.



The next set of home-learning packs will be ready for collection on Thursday 28th January 2021 between 1 – 3pm. These packs will be linked to the themes of the weeks commencing 1st February (Sea Animals) and the 8th February 2021 (Minibeasts).

We remain committed to your children’s healthy development, despite the challenges of the pandemic. If you need any information or require guidance with your child’s learning, please feel free to contact me via email on nursery@suffahprimaryschool.co.uk. I am happy to arrange a phone call too if you prefer a telephone meeting inshaAllah.

JazakAllahu Khayrun

The Nursery Team.