We’ve just been to AUSTRALIA…

Assalamu Alaykum Parents

We’ve had a very adventurous trip to Australia last week 🙂 On our travels we made sure to keep up with numbers and letters too !

Have a look through the pictures…


Workout challenge!
Story time as well as practicing brushing our teeth
Locating the different continents around the world..
MashaAllah the children were able to remember when we explored the Globe and identified majority of the continents…



Strengthening our hand muscles whilst using the single hole puncher 🙂
Playdough with numbers!
Kangaroo art work!
Painting Koala bears!
Working Magnets..
Drawing maps directly from the Globe..


This week we concentrated on practicing our surahs and duas from previous weeks.

As we watched videos of Koala bears and Kangaroos caring for their children, we spoke about how Allah has blessed us with wonderful Parents and how they look after us.


We have also introduced a KINDNESS BOX in the classroom. So for each time a child carries out an act of kindness towards a peer or adult, the teacher writes it down on a note and places it in the Kindness box. That note is then read out at the end of the day and the child is rewarded with a sticker!

This initiative has really taught and encouraged the children to show kindness to others as well as embedded the idea of how Allah will reward them for their Good deeds.


Can’t miss our next flight to…EUROPE!

Yes that’s right. We’re off on a tour of Europe next week. But why not try an AUSSIE speciality from our trip last week to Australia.


A lamington is a dessert of Australian origin and it comprises of squares of sponge cake, coated with chocolate icing/sauce and then dipped in desiccated coconut!

So why not try and bake some with your little ones or…just keep it simple and improvise with shop-bought vanilla sponge, chocolate sauce and coconut 🙂


Suffah Nursery and Primary school is a NUT – FREE school. So please do not send in any items containing nuts.

Please only send in healthy food items and do not send in items containing chocolate in any form. We must encourage children to eat healthily and practice healthy habits.

As the weather is changing, it has become very cold now. So please make sure your child is sent in with warm clothing, especially hats and a warm jacket. Although we have heating available in the classroom, these items are still necessary for outdoor play.


We are in a National Lockdown.

Public Health England has notified us that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the main Primary School. Children in the affected bubble (year 1 and year 2) have been asked to self-isolate until further notice.

In line with the new measures, we have been advised by the school to wear full face masks during any interactions. We also request that parents wear a face covering during Drop off and Pick up timings.

It is also absolutely crucial that you DO NOT bring your child to school if he/she or any other member in the family displays any symptoms of Covid-19 or your child has come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19.

It is our responsibility to keep all the children as well as staff members safe from any potential transmission whilst at school.

JazakAllahu Khayrun

The Nursery Team.