Who was Anansi the Spider and Where Does Chocolate Come from? This Week in Reception…


We have had a very busy week in Reception alhumdulillah!

This week we have been reading about a folk tale from Ghana – Anansi the spider.

We also learned that one of the countries chocolate comes from is Ghana! You can watch the video by clicking on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vXb8Tt_VCU

In Maths, the children have been learning what doubling means and learning their doubles to 10. We have also began to understand halving and that we can half a number of things by sharing it equally between two people (both have to have the same number).

In Literacy we have been writing about our favourite chocolates and where they come from. Zainab V and Rayyan N wrote a lovely descriptive page of work MashaAllah – our star writers this week!

Next week: 
Next week in’sha’Allah the children will be developing their knowledge of halving, while also learning about the different objects we can use to measure length with (cubes, hands, feet, rulers etc). We will be reading We’re Going on A Lion Hunt and learning about Kenya! The children will be developing their writing in Literacy using the book of the week. Please encourage children to use finger spaces after each word and capital letters at the beginning of sentences!

Weekly Spelling Tests:
The children have all received spellings for every Friday this term in their yellow reading records. Please practice the words for each week with your child as this will reinforce the sounds they should know and be able to write. Spelling books should be brought into school every Friday

Reception Class Trip to Hounslow Urban Farm:

On Monday 1st April 2019, Reception will be visiting Hounslow Urban Farm for the day in’sha’Allah! After consulting with parents to help keep costs low, children will be dropped off to the farm by their parents (which is 10-15 mins away from school) between 9.30am-9.45am on the day and picked up at 2.30pm too. If it helps, parents can arrange to help each other by dropping off/picking up children in small groups. Jazakallah Khair for your cooperation and remember to book the date in your diaries!

Weekly Reminders:

Mondays – Homework due/new homework
Fridays – P.E., Book Change and Spelling Tests
We will also be checking regularly if children are reading their books at home. Please remember to sign your child’s reading record to say how they read, if they enjoyed it and what they understood/learned from the book.