World Book Day in Nursery!

Assalamu Alaykum Parents…

World Book Day is fast approaching us!

The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and encourage reading. The idea of them choosing a book from their favourites and then further celebrating it by dressing up in one of the characters, sparks their imagination and inspires creativity. When they are given the opportunity to express their love for a book through dressing up, it further increases their motivation and passion towards reading.

When: 5th March 2020

Dress Code: Children should dress up into a character of their choice, but it MUST be from a story book they have read.

Please NO princesses, cartoon characters (PJ masks etc) or superheroes!

Terms & Conditions:

Children must know the story! Whichever book your child chooses, it must be one they are familiar with. There will be a group discussion at circle time where each child will be able to talk about their chosen character/book. For example:

Children must bring a PROP from the story. (For example, if they are dressed up as the Gruffalo, they can bring a toy mouse or cuddly fox etc); OR they can bring the actual book if they prefer to.

Please label the item/book with your Child’s name. I will be collecting the props/books in a basket and each child will have the opportunity to come and share their item with the class during circle time.

Excited to share this day with our Nursery children inshaAllah 🙂