Y4! Egypt and more – An Enthusiastic, Hard-Work Start to the Year!

Assalamu Alaikum dear parents,

I pray you are in the best of health In Sha Allah Ameen.

We have come toward the end of another hard working week. The children are learning to be communicative, very responsive and keen with their learning. We have been learning Number and Place Value, and have covered counting in multiples, less than or greater than, number sequences and the pupils are engaged in their learning and all wish to try their utmost best. In English, the children have been exploring the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and have engaged themselves in deep character explorations whilst discussing key events and learning key features such as summarizing, inferring and predicting. 

The children are also learning about Ancient Egypt and I was amazed to see how much information they knew already! The children have been extremely passionate and keen to impress and they are a pleasure to teach – this is really a lovely class. There are a lot of smiles in the classroom, and the children are rewarded for their efforts. I have ensured that the children extend their knowledge and learning by giving homework, as well as daily early morning activities. I thoroughly look forward to teaching the pupils each day and they have been very passionate. May Allah SWT reward them, and keep all of us in good health, In Sha Allah Ameen.

Kind regards,

Ustadh Shoayb.