Y4: I-Space and Rounding!

Assalamu Alaikum!

We have come towards the end of another hard working, rewarding and positive week! The children are enjoying their learning and it is a wonderful opportunity to teach a class that are keen to push forward. We have been learning about lots of valuable information, and the homework the children are coming back with is creative, imaginative and well produced MashAllah. 

In Mathematics, we have been learning about Place Value and Number, and this week we have been learning about negative numbers alongside rounding to the nearest 1000. The children are doing great, and are well supported through engaging lessons that ensure all abilities are making progress and feeling comfortable and able with the work given. The children have been very well behaved, and have been rewarded with ‘star of the day’ certificates, alongside tokens to merit their actions. They are all positive role models, and are showing togetherness and unity.

 I am ensuring their well-being is a particular focus to me, and making sure each child is happy with their teacher and learning as well as enjoying being a part of school. In English, we have continued our work with The Chronicles of Narnia, as the children have produced wonderfully imaginative descriptive writing pieces and have also been learning about the “I-space” rule for Fronted Adverbials.  We have also been continuing our work on basing PE lessons on agility, communication and team work, whilst also diving deep into the culture of Ancient Egypt. Yet again, the children are coming back with wonderful facts and are very impressive in all subjects.

 A reminder for parents, that I have constructed a PowerPoint presentation regarding curriculum areas and support strategies to help your child at home. Please ensure you go through this, as this will help you feel assured and informed about what your child is learning at school as well as more about my aims for them. Finally, may Allah SWT keep us all safe, happy and healthy In Sha Allah going forward.

Best Wishes,

Ustadh Shoayb