Y4, Quran Class:

In general, Quran class is divided in the following order, 1.5 hours for memorization (reciting by heart), a half-hour for Nazraah (reciting by looking) and half-hour for Tajweed rules every week theory and practise are applied. In addition, Quran writing took place with Quran class and Arabic class at the same time, in order to improve their Arabic writing and to understand the rules of this type of writing.

What we covered this half term:

Since September we have started this academic year with revising the second half of Juzu Ammah (from Al-Naba to Al-Tariq). Then, we have started our method by increasing student’s memorization individually; you can find his/her homework in their Quran diary.

Note: some student they are having different HW and others studying the first half of Juzu Ammah (from Surat Al-Alla to Al-Naas), likewise, Qaidah students having their own HW as well.