Assalamualaykum parents!

As ever, we have had a busy week in our cosy Y6 classroom; here are some of the things we have been up to

In English we started the week by looking at the way hyphens are used in the English language:

1. To combine two words to make a compound adjective 

2. To combine 2 nouns to make new words

3. To split a word that doesn’t fit on a line and needs to continue on the next line

4. To clarify the meaning of a word in a sentence

5. When writing numbers from 1-99 in words to avoid confusion

6. Used in informal phases to link words which go together to create a unit of meaning.

Children looked at examples of where the hyphen had been used in different sentences and explained which of the above categories the hyphen fitted into. It was quite a challenging task, but children worked hard and together to achieve. We will continue to practice and understand the use of the hyphen further throughout the year. Having looked at the opening to Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet and analysing his writing style, children took inspiration from him to write their own description of the picture below:

We started by collecting word hoards as a class and there were some fantastic and original contributions from the children.

Children wrote excellent descriptions- please keep an eye out for future blogs where I will be sharing some of them. 

In maths, we looked at missing numbers in sums including equations with unknown variables. 

For example

25 + a + b = 35 where a – b = 2

Children understood the valuable skill of trial and error, using your prior knowledge to adjust your next estimate and resilience in continuing to try until the answer is found. All too often, children look for formulae and set methods to solve mathematical problems. They can sometimes feel frustrated that they there is not “right” answer. It is important for children to work with the “process”, as well as the correct answer. Once they had the hang of it, children thoroughly enjoyed the task and feel much more confident moving on. 

In history, children learnt about the Middle Passage (when Africans forced into slavery were transported from Africa to the USA to work as free labour) and how goods moved around the slave triangle. They also wrote down key words and emotions associated with the experience of the Middle Passage in preparation for a letter writing task next week. 

In geography, children used the Chromebooks to research and complete a table on the different types of renewable and non-renewable energy and their advantages and disadvantages. 

And in art children have been really enjoying sketching the other half of pictures of endangered animals. They have been using not only a keen eye but also their measuring and mathematical skills to sketch to perfect symmetry.

Finally, on Friday in our science lesson, children embarked on an engaging and enjoyable nature walk. I will document more information in a separate blog.

We look forward to another week of learning and fun next week Inshallah!