Year 1 – Quran and Islamic Studies

Y1 Islamic Studies

What we covered before half term? Islamic Studies Textbook 1

  • Paradise and Hell – Pages 30 – 31

What we covered during the last week of Autumn Term 2 ? Islamic Studies Textbook 1

  • Story of Nabi Adam 1 – 32 – 33

Homework – Safar Islamic Studies Workbook 1

  • Please complete ‘Story of Nabi Adam 1’ from Safar Islamic Studies Workbook – Page 33
    Due date – Tuesday 14th January 2020.

*Islamic studies homework is given every Tuesday and will be due the following Tuesday*


Y1 Quran

  • Year 1 Qaida class reads as a group, are taught as a group and do different revision activities as a group.

What we covered in the last few weeks? Quran Level 1

  • We have started to recognise the different Arabic letters in order and randomly.
  • Different games and activities have also helped the students in recognising the letters randomly.
  • Short forms of the different Arabic letters

What we will cover this week?

  • Revision of pages 20-21 (Fatha)

Revision Homework:

  • Revision of pages 20-21 (Fatha)