Year 1 school closure update

Dear parents,

Assalaam aalikum,

We are trying to get together and help our children and families to face this situation and ensuring that we are all equipped with a good tawakkul on the Almighty subhanah.

Hence I would like to remind you to keep calm and remember that the children are watching us and responding to the way we are reacting towards the spread of the virus as well as the way we are trying to protect ourselves from it.

If we are acting in a rational way, our children will be able to cope in sha Allah and will develop a strong imaan that Allah swt is the one whom we fear and that we accept the qadar whether it is good or bad.

If we succeed in maintaining a calm approach, our children will be safe from developing anxieties and phobias from the virus.

May Allah swt protect us all, save humanity and increase our imaan. Ameen.

Fun activities:

Here are some activities that the children can enjoy after completing their pack. If you print and stick the document on your fridge, you can tick them as you go along. Please take pictures of the work your child will do if you can.

Here is also a copy of the email that I have dropped to all the parents so the children can start using Google classroom via their Gmail:

Message to parents

Dear Year 1,
I am trying to set up work for the following weeks when you have completed the packs. This is a tester email. Please respond to my email so I can ensure you are all in. So for this time, could you please:

  1. Log in to your account

2. Follow this link daily so you can enjoy the workouts with the PE teacher, Joe on:

 3. Send me an email to tell me how you are doing and if you have enjoyed the PE session. 

4. Do your daily salah and tasbeeh

5. Do lots of duaa, asking Allah to keep you, your family, friends and teachers safe. 

Looking forwards to seeing you all soon,

Ust Saida and Ust Salma



Please ensure that the sunflower your child has planted is well looked after and that you take a picture to email as proof. There will be a prize for the tallest and well looked after sunflower. So keep sending pictures of your child and their plant and finally don’t forget to measure and record the length of your flower. Good luck!