Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our first QAIS blog,

Y2 Islamic Studies

What we covered last week?

  • The concept of Adab in general and how it applies to home as well as the classroom.

What will we cover this week?- Safar Islamic Studies Textbook 2

  • We will cover ‘Jibril (AS) teaches us religion’ from Textbook pages 28 to 31

Homework – Safar Islamic Studies Workbook 2

  • Please complete ‘Jibril (AS) teaches us religion’ from Workbook pages 25 to 27
  • Due date – Wednesday 30th September 2020.

*Islamic studies homework is given every Wednesday and will be due the following Wednesday*


Y2 Quran

  •  Everyone is taught as a group and does different revision activities as a group.

What will we cover this week?

  • Qaida Level 2 – page 3 &4 (All) Tanween double Fatha.
  • Qaida Level 2 – pages 6 &7 (All) Tanween double Kasra.
  • Juz Amma – Surat At-Takather (Verse 1 to 19)

Revision Homework:

  • Qaida Level 2 – page 3&4 
  • Qaida Level 2 – pages 6&7 
  • Juz Amma – Surat Al-Masad (Verse 1 to 19)

*Quran/Qaidah homework is given daily and should be practiced daily *(except Fridays)


Y2 Arabic

In Arabic we are learning ‘All about me’. Simple introduction

(Greetings, what’s your name? my name is….., how old are you?)


  • Writing the  Arabic alphabet  letters with examples of a word beginning with the letter . 
  • Writing the vocabulary learned in the lesson and it’d meaning.

*Arabic homework is given every Tuesday and will be due the following Tuesday*