Year 3 Best Sunflower Grower 2018/2019

The winner is…..


Second place goes to Mohammad Ali!

Well done Year 3 for growing your own sunflowers!

I feel so proud of all of you.

Particularly, I’m proud of Yusuf who showed perseverance and resilience.

You should know that when the children were given each one a pot with compost and one sunflower seed, Yusuf’s was knocked over by mistake few days after and he could not find his seed anywhere.

He kindly asked to be given a new seed which I did few weeks later.

In the first round of the competition, Yusuf had no plant yet. However, now few months later, he is the winner!

Isn’t that just amazing? This story is a good reminder for everyone of us that Allah is Al Razzaq, Allah is The One Who gives the rizq!

Well done to both Yusuf and Mohammad Ali!