Year 3 – Quran and Islamic Studies

Y3 Islamic Studies

What we covered last week?

  • We covered what Fiqh means and learned some Arabic terms and their meanings, such as Fardh, Haram, Halal, Wajib and Mustahab.
  • 3-minute revision of Allah’s names
  • Revision of Salah

What we will cover this week?

  • Memorisation of the important Fiqh terms. These terms are on pages 2 and 3 of the textbook
  • Revision of Salah


  • Revision worksheets of the Fiqh terms and meaning on pages 8 and 9.
  • Helping tool – Level 2 textbooks – Pages 2 and 3
  • Mini Quiz on Monday 7th October 2019 to see of the children have memorised and understood the Fiqh terms.
  • 6 new names of Allah will be given to revise depending on where the student has revised up to.
  • Due date – Monday 7th October 2019

*Islamic studies homework is given every Monday and will be due the following Monday*


Y3 Quran

  • Year 3 Qaida class reads as a group, consisting 8 children for on Quran and 16 students on the ‘Complete Qaida’ edition of the Qaida. Everyone is taught as a group and do different revision activities as a group.

What we will cover this week?

  • Complete Qaida – Pages 94 – Box 25 – 33
  • Quran – Surah An-Nur – Verse 27
  • New names of Allah, depending where the class is

Revision Homework:

  • Complete Qaida – Pages 93 – Box 1 – 17 (you can revise more if you wish, but the group will start from where we left off in the class)
  • Quran – Surah An-Nur – Verse 27
  • 6 new names of Allah, depending where the class is