Year 3 Scientist of the Term

Mary Anning

As part of Year 3 Science Curriculum, this term we are studying Rocks, Fossils and Soils. We are currently learning about Fossils and we found out about Mary Anning’s contribution to Science.

Please encourage your child to tell you facts about Mary Anning.

Mary Anning was an English fossil collector, dealer, and palaeontologist who became known around the world for important finds she made in marine fossil beds in the cliffs along the English Channel at Lyme Regis in the county of Dorset in Southwest England. She was born in 1799 and died in 1847.

Mary searched for fossils in Blue Lias cliffs during the winter season as landslides exposed new fossils. The work was very dangerous. In fact, Mary almost died in a landslide that killed her dog. She was also credited with the first discovery of a complete Ichthyosaur.

While Mary was solely credited for the first discovery of the ichthyosaur fossils, she actually had a little help from her brother Joseph. It was Joseph who found the skull of the beast sticking out of the rock near a cliff in 1811. Mary, on the other hand, discovered the majority of the remains. Mary discovered the first plesiosaur which you can admire in the  Natural History Museum in London.