Year 4: An Exciting and Positive Week

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

Firstly, I’d like to express how privileged I am to be teaching such a wonderful class. The class have displayed determination, enthusiasm and respect for their teacher, whilst at the same time should be proud of themselves for settling in to school and working hard in all subject areas.

We have been learning about Number and Place Value in Mathematics, and the children are enjoying solving and giving reasoning for their sums. I am exploring various learning styles, such as paired activity, book work and practical activities to provide the best learning experience for the children. Homework has also been set out this week for Maths.

For English, the children have been writing descriptively and have once again showcased their creativity, understanding, grammar skills and keen enthusiasm to develop their work in terms of responding to their feedback in class. Once again, homework has been set for English.

The children also learned about Living Things and their Habitats in Science whilst also practicing their agile skill set in P.E. It has been a great week for the children, and there seems to be a very positive and uplifting tone, not just in the classroom, but in the whole school too! I am very much looking forward to explore, learn, teach, and work with the children through rich and meaningful lessons whilst also rewarding them for their hard work.

JazakhAllah Khairan,

May Allah SWT keep you all in good health In Sha Allah Ameen.

Ustadh Shoayb.