Islamic studies

What we covered this week:
This Friday we started with Sunnah and desirable acts (Mustahabat) in prayer. This included Sunnah whilst standing (Qiyam), whilst bowing (Ruku), whilst prostrating (Sujud) and whilst sitting (Jalsah).

In addition, special Sunnah for congregation was part of the lesson this week. 

What we will cover next week:
Next week we are going to study the undesirable acts in prayer (Makruhat) during Salah then the homework would be given.

Homework:Islamic studies homework is available in the student’s Workbook from Page (10 to 14).


What we covered this week:
We started our method by increasing student’s memorization, you can find this in your child’s homework diary. 
Furthermore, we are reciting this week Surah Al-Takweer, we had read this surah 8 times in the class, and their home work is to read it 7 times the same Surah at home.

Tajweed:Last Thursday in Tajweed class, we were practising Ikfaah which is one of the Noon Sakenah and Tanween rules. 

What we will cover next week: By the end of next week, we will start in Tajweed (Iqlap) during Quran classes.