Year 4: The First week

Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu!

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Suffah Primary School! We have had a very safe and warm return to school, and it was very exciting to meet my new students. We hope Allah SWT continues to bless us by keeping the school community safe and in a healthy learning environment In Sha Allah.


The pupils engaged in various activities including well-being tasks such as expressing their gratitude and mindful colouring. The pupils were all very enthusiastic and eager to participate and generated many fabulous ideas. The children also participated in a descriptive writing task and described themselves as well as their hobbies and what they found important in school life as well as practice their multiplication and division sums in a fun and enjoyable activity. We also wrote down our personal and learning targets and created a lovely display after which energised the class.

I will be handing copies of the school timetable on Monday to each child In Sha Allah for you all to see. I am very excited to begin next week and continue the children’s progress In Sha Allah. They have been very well behaved and eager to start their learning Alhamdulillah.