Year 4 Islamic Studies & Quran

Y4 Islamic studies

This week we covered: After completing our essential revision, we started learning about the Muslim creed, with the Belief in Allah سبحانه وتعالى., this included four learning objectives.

On Friday we started with Wajibat Salah. This included ten elements which are compulsory to do during Salah which ended by reading Surah Al-fatiha perfectly. 

What we will cover next week: We are going to study the Sunnah during Salah, the homework that follows would be for the both sessions together.

Homework:Islamic Studies homework would be available by the end of the next Friday.

Y4 Quran 

Quran class is divided in the following order:

  • 1 hour for memorization (reciting by heart)
  • 1 hour for Nazraah (reciting by looking)
  • half hour for Tajweed

What we covered this week:We started our method by increasing student’s memorization, you can find your child’s homework in their diary. Furthermore, we are this week learning the recitation of Surah Abassaa, we read this surah 8 times in the class, and the homework is to read it 7 more times at home.

Tajweed:Yesterday in Tajweed class, we studied about Ikfaah which is one of the Noon Sakenah and Tanween rules. 

What we will cover next week:By the end of next week, we will finish practicing in Tajweed (Ikfaah) during Quran classes.