Islamic studies

What we covered this week:Fiqih section:

The payment of Zakah, which include how is Zakat a compulsory for Muslim, also we discussed about the percentage of Zakat and what is the difference between each type of Zakat.

What we will cover next week:
Next week we are going to answer the workbook questions in the class, on the topics covered.Homework is going to given next week insha Allah.


What we covered this week:
We started our method by increasing student’s memorization, you can find the homework in your child’s diary. 

Last Thursday in Tajweed class, we were practising Ikfaah which is one of the Noon Sakenah and Tanween rules.

What we will cover next week:
This Thursday, we will start in Tajweed (Iqlap) during Quran classes.